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Friday the 13th HORROR-SCOPES

By Vitoria BasJanuary 13, 2017
If you've ever wondered how you'd die in a horror movie (are you a pre-title credits casualty or will you fall victim to a nefarious garage door around the midway point?), look no further than these very special Friday the 13th horoscopes!  Capricorn, I've got my eye on yo More  →
Friday the 13th HORROR-SCOPES

'Shipwrecked! Our Fave Failed Harry Potter Couples

By Vitoria BasJanuary 9, 2017
It's hard out there for young lovers. If it's not your parents trying to keep you apart (because of ancient blood breaking to new mutiny, most likely), it's terminal illness. Or terminal whimsy. More often, though, it's just good old-fashioned terminal mismatch. It happens More  →
'Shipwrecked! Our Fave Failed <i>Harry Potter</i> Couples

Netflix Recently Watched by Harry Potter Characters

By Vitoria BasDecember 23, 2016
You know what they say: Recently watched Netflix shows say a lot about a person, but recently watched Netflix shows say even MORE about a wizard. Allow these AMAZING illustrations by Vitoria Bas speak for themselves, and then stay tuned for PART TWO next week, wherein Snap More  →
Netflix Recently Watched by <i>Harry Potter</i> Characters

Anatomy of a Star Wars Fangirl

By Vitoria BasDecember 8, 2016
Welcome back to Anatomy of a Fangirl! Today's fangirl was made possible by our resident fandom expert Vitoria Bas, who you can follow on Tumblr here! ✨ This one goes out to the fangirls who... Know in their heart of hearts that Han shot first Get giddy on May fourth At least thought about rocking a Padawan braid at ... More  →
Anatomy of a <i>Star Wars</i> Fangirl

The Chillest Parts of Every Hogwarts House

By Vitoria BasNovember 22, 2016
We're not saying Hufflepuff is definitely the chillest house, but they do curate terrariums.  More  →
The Chillest Parts of Every Hogwarts House

7 Forgotten Defense Against the Dark Arts Teachers

By Vitoria BasNovember 16, 2016
The stories that are TOO REAL for Hogwarts: A History. More  →
7 Forgotten Defense Against the Dark Arts Teachers

21 Movies That Are Essential Viewing for Stranger Things Superfans

By Vitoria BasOctober 11, 2016
When is science going to figure out a remedy for the dysphoric state that follows the most satisfying binge-watch? Just kidding, science, you're doing great! Thanks for medicine! Keep it up! Because science clearly has a lot on its plate right now, the least we can do is hel More  →
21 Movies That Are Essential Viewing for <i>Stranger Things</i> Superfans

Twin Peaks Spoke to Me

By Vitoria BasSeptember 28, 2016
Starting with the theme song... ... More  →
Twin Peaks Spoke to Me

Ginny Weasley Is Not as Great as You Remember

By Vitoria BasAugust 9, 2016
Disclaimer: All of our faves are problematic. We’ve all fallen for the irresistible charm of Ginny Weasley. To borrow a chant: she’s pretty, she’s cool, she dominates [that] school! She’s almost too good to be true, which is actually my number one complaint about her characterization. HOT TAKE: Ginny is not ... More  →
Ginny Weasley Is Not as Great as You Remember