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Open Thread for November 15

By Chelsea DaggerNovember 15, 2010
travelwriter21 sent us this awesome photo along with the following caption: Here is a photo from my recent trip to New York City. You know that one girl? With the hair? And the pants? That was me. I'm sure we passed each other on the street,... More  →

Open Thread for November 14

By EmmaNovember 14, 2010
Millie writes...

"I give you Cuddles. He's looking especially ominous on top of penguin bedsheets."

"Here's a shot of his horrible bacne."

"Please don't call my creation Pikachu-esque or the dreaded C-U-T-E. I honestly created him from

... More  →
Open Thread for November 14

Open Thread for November 13

By EmmaNovember 13, 2010
FrolickingSheep says that if you help her name this top hat—which is entirely made of duct tape!—she'll send us, the Sparkitors, a lifetime supply of bacon and Cheez-Its. So, if we understand this correctly, we can sit here painting our toenails while you... More  →
Open Thread for November 13

Open Thread for November 12

By Emily WinterNovember 12, 2010
Isn't this time turner the coolest thing ever? That's our nice way of saying WE WANT IT. WE MUST HAVE THIS OBJECT. BECAUSE WE ARE HERMIONE. We need it. Kolizzle, can we pay you for Ring Pops? (We've got a connection.)Btw, on the subject of,... More  →
Open Thread for November 12

Why I Don’t Comment on Every SparkLife Post

By ContributorNovember 11, 2010
No, Paranoid_But_Innocent isn't a Splurker; she's got a totally different reason for her infrequent comments!—Sparkitors OK, I confess: I don’t comment on every SparkLife post. Yes, I know you hardcore Sparklers are going to... More  →

Open Thread for November 11

By Emily WinterNovember 11, 2010
Sparkler C-Rav saw this on the corner of 42nd and Broadway in Manhattan. Just kidding! LOL FOREVER!!! We crack ourselves all the way up sometimes. The truth is we don't know where she saw this sign, but we think it'd look great anywhere except a... More  →
Open Thread for November 11

Awesome Thing of the Week

By Chelsea DaggerNovember 10, 2010
HOLY PANCAKES, BATMAN. WHAT. JUST. HAPPENED?! We're still reeling from the shock, but we've squeezed in an unnecessary Batman reference and triple-checked our math, and the numbers don't lie: last week's video is the HIGHEST-SCORING AWESOME THING OF ALL TIME. Yep, with an average rating of 9.8,... More  →

Open Thread for November 10

By Emily WinterNovember 10, 2010
randomness2325, all we have to say to your email is bahahahahhhhhdafkgjalkdfjlkj!: "This is the saxophone section mascot for my school's marching band. His name is Fork The Spoon. He holds a pencil because, for some odd reason, the saxophone section never has pencils with... More  →
Open Thread for November 10

Oh Snap! Hackers Are Stealing All Your Facebooks!

By Jon_SkindzierNovember 9, 2010
If you read tech news, or even just if the beginning of that sentence didn't make you immediately fall asleep, then you may have heard of Firesheep. Firesheep is a packet-sniffing data collection extension magic, and it can be used to access certain... More  →
Oh Snap! Hackers Are Stealing All Your Facebooks!

Open Thread for November 9

By Chelsea DaggerNovember 9, 2010
SuperNinjaQueen sent us these truly awesomesauce "homage to Auntie SparkNotes" sketches, and we're just a little bit obsessed with them. But really, can you blame us? No. You... More  →