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Interview With A Sparkler: Round "Who ARE You People?!"

By Chelsea DaggerOctober 22, 2010
First things first: you guys are TRIPPIN'. We haven't seen an identity crisis this bad since the late, great Are You Harry Potter? debate back in June—and even then, no one claimed to be Chuck Norris. But alas, we have only ourselves to... More  →

Open Thread for October 22

By Emily WinterOctober 22, 2010
Two Empire State Buildings?! We. Are. Dumbfounded! Details in this letter... Dear Sparkitors: Here's a picture I took in NYC of the Empire State Building. You guys are in NYC, right? So you've seen the Empire State Building? Well, I bet you didn't know there were two of... More  →
Open Thread for October 22

Open Thread for October 21

By Emily WinterOctober 21, 2010
Snowy, snowy, snowy LOVE! We slightly happier about the impending WINTER OF DOOM now. Thanks, Suporna!... More  →
Open Thread for October 21

Awesome Thing of the Week

By Chelsea DaggerOctober 20, 2010
DUMBLEDORE FOOOORRREEVVERRRR. Ahem. Sorry. Guess we just got carried away—because you rated last week's Harry Potter clip a whopping 9.43! To celebrate, we did a highly inappropriate hip-thrust dance on top of our desks, left Ron Weasley a screaming voicemail... More  →

Open Thread for October 20

By Emily WinterOctober 20, 2010
emaline23 says... This picture really makes me want to sign up for one of those Segway tours. I mean, the man on the sign looks like he can barely contain his excitement. ... More  →
Open Thread for October 20

Open Thread for October 19

By Chelsea DaggerOctober 19, 2010
We like this picture (submitted by photographic genius Kolizzle) so much that we made it our desktop background. What can we say, we're a sucker for plaid Converse and yellow leaves. Can ya blame us?... More  →

Your Friend Might Be a Sparkler If…

By ContributorOctober 18, 2010
This adorable article by DontWorryBeHappy:) makes us sweat with pure glee. —Sparkitors A few months ago, I was IMing with one of my friends when she mentioned... More  →

Cute Thing of the Week

By Chelsea DaggerOctober 18, 2010
This pouty pup named Gertii belongs to neomaxizoomdwbi, who writes, "She just got surgery and to keep her away from the incision, she has to wear a cone around her neck for the next ten days. She's not too happy about it. Poor... More  →

Open Thread for October 18

By Chelsea DaggerOctober 18, 2010
Uh_Oh_Oreoz sent us this sandy pic along with the caption "Don't you wish you were at the beach?" We can only assume that it was rhetorical, because the answer, obviously, is YESSSSSS. Oh, and we heart pie too. This... More  →

Open Thread for October 17

By EmmaOctober 17, 2010
Our top 5 favorite things about this cake, which starred in Suporna's brother's 10th birthday party: 5. The river of blue Jell-O 4. The dinosaur eggs 3. The animals (we hope they're made of sugar even though we know they're not) 2. The frosting leaves (we want... More  →
Open Thread for October 17