A Field Guide to Tourists

By Katie_RolnickJuly 17, 2009
If you've traveled this summer (or ever, really) you might have noticed that everyone has his or her own preferred way to... More  →

"Summer of '69," Annotated

By Jeff_AlexanderJuly 7, 2009
At the height of the summer of '09, we at SparkNotes find ourselves thinking back to the summer of '69. Or, more... More  →

How to Have Fun While You’re Trapped at Home

By Chris_DikenJuly 7, 2009
During last week’s round of Chris Listens submissions (hey, that rhymes), we received the following dispatch from a Sparkler in... More  →

Find Your Inner GrillMaster

By Jeff_AlexanderJuly 3, 2009
This time of year is all about cookouts. But what if you're not being invited to as many of them as you'd... More  →

Your Beach Problems, Solved

By Chris_DikenJune 26, 2009
Going to the beach is fun—in theory. In the days leading up to your trip, you’ll fondly anticipate swimming, tanning, and clandestinely... More  →

Surviving Summer Employment

By Jeff_AlexanderJune 24, 2009
Summer jobs are great. You get out of the house, you see lots of people, you make money. If only they weren't... More  →

Strategies for Stretching Your Summer

By Jeff_AlexanderJune 23, 2009
We know that right now, it seems like summer is stretched out in front of you, reaching all the way to the... More  →

Condensed Summer: A Schedule for Summer-Schoolers

By Katie_RolnickJune 17, 2009
We here at SparkNotes have to apologize. We've been getting so excited for the summer break and we've written so More  →

Summer Break...Canceled?!?

By Matt_HunzikerJune 16, 2009

Here at Sparklife we don’t often twist your arm about following politics (especially during summer break), but when those politics involve

... More  →

Guide to Summer Concerts, Part I

By Matt_HunzikerJune 10, 2009
We have a lot of advice about summer concerts. So much, in fact, that we plan to bring you a whole series... More  →