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Advice to Dudes

By ContributorJune 12, 2009
vaulter_13 is a Sparkler who has a few pointers for dudes embarking on a *gasp* actual relationship with an actual female. Hope... More  →

You've Been (Home) Schooled

By ContributorJune 9, 2009
Ironpeach is home schooled Super Sparkler who took the time to clear up some misunderstandings about what her high school life is... More  →

I'm a Guy, But...

By ContributorJune 3, 2009
mikey_nz is a super Sparkler who opens up about being a guy with a few "girly" habits. We're totally digging his honesty,... More  →

Preserve Your Dignity in the Face of a Teacher Crush

By ContributorJune 2, 2009
Super Sparkler Simbelmyne must be a mind-reader. How else would she know about the hordes of Sparklers prepping to profess their love... More  →

How to Survive a Party

By ContributorJune 1, 2009
Welcome back to the world of Liz_Nash, a super Sparkler with some great tips on how to come out of a party... More  →

It's...It's...It's a NERD?!

By ContributorMay 29, 2009
The following post comes from super Sparkler BraedenP, a real reader who takes a closer look at one of high school's oldest... More  →

The Day Before the Twilight: A Better Vampire Novel We All Passed Up

By ContributorMay 27, 2009
Here at SparkNotes, we've been reading tons of awesome submissions from super Sparklers who can't wait to get on SparkLife! This post... More  →

Decoding the Dating Scene

By ContributorMay 22, 2009
This post comes from one of our super Sparklers, coday32, and goes out to all the Sparkler girls trying to navigate the... More  →

Attack of the Killer Finals

By ContributorMay 21, 2009
Super Sparkler cleptonun submitted the following guide to dealing with finals. Turns out cleptonun is also quite the crayon art-eest, and whipped... More  →

What Kind of Road Tripper are You?

By ContributorMay 20, 2009
Here at SparkNotes, we've been seeking out some hardy harr harrs from our very own super Sparklers. This post is by the... More  →