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Sparklers as Websites

By NinJas_are_MiJuly 17, 2014
Image reproduced with permission from the artist, elontirien (DeviantArt) On the July 7, 2014 Open Thread, the OT'ers discovered the interwebsseries, a tumblr dedicated... More  →

My Departure

By March_to_the_Beat_of_my_PianoJune 6, 2014
All the Sparklers, lend me your ears...and as I don't know how I can consider myself a Sparkler if I'm leaving Sparklife,... More  →

On Caring, Really Caring

By screamingilysoJune 2, 2014
Let me begin by saying that I know what you, dearest Sparklers, will do with this post. You'll read through it once,... More  →

Favorite Non-Disney Animated Songs

By DoctorClaraHolmesMay 27, 2014
Everyone loves Disney songs, but what about songs from other animated films? Here's a list of my favorite songs from non-Disney animated... More  →

This Isn't Goodbye

By WaffleloveMay 23, 2014
Fullest of times, over the Earth. Flying higher; Never looking down. The wind in our wings, pulling gently Forward. Humming, Thrumming in our ears, In our hearts. Never stop. Can't... More  →

Why the General Public Should Know About Synesthesia

By _Underscored_Owl_March 20, 2014
I have Synesthesia. For those who don't know, that's when some of your senses (sight, smell, taste, ect) are kind of combined... More  →

A SPARKLER REPORTS on the Magic of FaerieCon!

By Madison RuppelFebruary 26, 2014
We wanted to send a couple lucky Sparklers to cover FaerieCon this year. Tons of you sent us awesome submissions, and one... More  →
A SPARKLER REPORTS on the Magic of FaerieCon!

Hints for Writing Sparkler Posts

By AradanSeptember 29, 2013
Not that I'm an expert. I've written quite a few, and if I were as smart as the title indicates, I would've... More  →

How Can We Improve Sparkler Posts?

By Emily WinterSeptember 20, 2013
Hey guys! Our designer Phil LT is working on redesigning the Sparkler Posts section of SparkLife. We want it to be a good-lookin',... More  →
How Can We Improve Sparkler Posts?