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10 Harry Potter Halloween Costumes We REALLY Don't Want

By Vitoria BasOctober 17, 2017
It is a truth universally acknowledged that SparkLife is completely obsessed with Harry Potter. From fanfictitious Instagrams to backseat boggarting,... More  →
10 <i>Harry Potter</i> Costumes You Don't Want to See This Halloween

'Shipwrecked! Our Fave Failed Harry Potter Couples

By Vitoria BasAugust 1, 2017
It's hard out there for young lovers. If it's not your parents trying to keep you apart (because of ancient blood breaking... More  →
'Shipwrecked! Our Fave Failed <i>Harry Potter</i> Couples

RonNotes: Ron Weasley Explains the Classics

By Nicole DiekerJuly 14, 2017
RonNotes are exactly like SparkNotes, if the SparkNotes editors had only read half the books and were only reading them in the... More  →
RonNotes: Ron Weasley Explains the Classics

Instagram Dispatches from Hogwarts

By Vitoria BasJuly 11, 2017
We've already explored the small tragedy of the wizarding world: in exchange for MAGIC(K), wizards and witches give up the... More  →
Instagram Dispatches from Hogwarts