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Writer Wars Winner: "The Left" by _Underscored_Owl_!

By reidfaylorMay 29, 2014
Behold, Sparklers, your writer wars champion of the week! Last week's prompt asked writers to craft a story/poem in which they describe... More  →
Writer Wars Winner:

My Maiden

By TetrisAbyssApril 7, 2014
I love that I’ve found you Like the treasure you are I crossed the ocean blue I searched near and far   Your voice called upon me It... More  →

The Stroke of a Pen

By WaffleloveMarch 27, 2014
The stroke of a pen. A line, a curve. Something more: A word. Simple pattern of ink on a page Has so much strength within. To share deep... More  →

This Sea

By TetrisAbyssMarch 24, 2014
The darkest depths of the deepest sea Is not as deep as that of you and me Even though our waves might toil and... More  →

Change of March

By WaffleloveMarch 19, 2014
Wake up, Open your eyes. It's a new day and a new life. The angry clouds rained down Their tears and have finished Watering the earth. They'ved rolled... More  →

Nature's Glory Unfolding- A poem

By radha24-totlcrzynerdwholuvsbksFebruary 20, 2014
  Nature. It is everywhere. The birds sit chirping in the trees, But the pond lies calm and still. Nature, the Great Creator,... More  →

7 Non-Embarrassing Love Poems You'll Heart

By Chrissie GruebelFebruary 14, 2014
Like beards and artisan breads, love poems are the cool, throwback way to tell your  main squeeze how much you wanna put... More  →
7 Non-Embarrassing Love Poems You'll Heart

All Hail Marfa: Kristen Stewart Pens a Poem and the World Rejoices

By Ashley Brooke RobertsFebruary 12, 2014
FIRST AND FOREMOST: Bravo Miss Kristen Stewart. We wrote a lot of bad poems as literary babies, but never had the vampire fangs... More  →
All Hail Marfa: Kristen Stewart Pens a Poem and the World Rejoices


By levackkidFebruary 3, 2014

To anyone who has ever lived,

Who has ever existed in this crazy ... More  →