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Reading While Tired

By laura_buchholzDecember 2, 2009
Warning: reading while tired is proven to be a dangerously ineffective way to study. Reading while tired can lead to confusion, bookmark... More  →
Reading While Tired

Because "My Dog Ate My Homework" Just Won’t Cut It

By Ashley SpencerNovember 19, 2009
You're late. And you don't have the assignment. Who knows why? Maybe you didn't want to get out of bed. Maybe you... More  →

The Senior Project, aka Your Very Last Assignment

By Jon_SkindzierNovember 17, 2009
Some of you already know about the senior project with which you'll eventually have to justify your entire existence (well, your high... More  →
The Senior Project, aka Your Very Last Assignment

“Hi! My Name Is ______, and I Am a Procrastinator”

By ContributorOctober 28, 2009
You Sparklers must up to your hipster bangs in tests, exams, and presentations, because procrastinating on schoolwork has been a big theme... More  →
“Hi! My Name Is ______, and I Am a Procrastinator”

Creative Solutions Part 2: Tests/Homework

By Jon_SkindzierOctober 22, 2009
Let's say you're fresh from getting accepted to the school of your dreams, due entirely to the cleverness of your ridiculously creative... More  →
Creative Solutions Part 2: Tests/Homework

How To Do Your Homework Without Falling Asleep

By ContributorSeptember 29, 2009
Prolific Sparkler xXx_lola_xXx has some practical–and some unconventional—tips for getting that boring homework finished. Enjoy! —SparkNotes Editors I'm about a month... More  →
How To Do Your Homework Without Falling Asleep

How to Fake Your Way Through an Essay

By ContributorMay 1, 2009
Here at SparkNotes, we've been mining for rockstar Sparklers—real readers with such great advice they deserve their own talk show. Liz_Nash is... More  →

How to Write a Killer Term Paper

By Chris_DikenApril 30, 2009
You’ve been dreading it all year: No, not your hair, Ras Trent—we’re talking about your history teacher’s infamous research paper,... More  →

There’s No "I" in Group Project

By Kathryn_WilliamsMarch 30, 2009
Group projects are divisive. Some students view them as an opportunity (see Types A, C and E below), while others would rather... More  →

Everything Is Bigger In Texas, Except Homework Assignments

By Dan_BergsteinMarch 17, 2009
Is homework a necessary part of education? Probably. But according to CBS News, the teachers in the Plano Independent School... More  →