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Surviving Your Ex

By ContributorJuly 16, 2009
Sparkler nednettinc may have a PhD in love, but what really impresses us is her toaster. Enjoy! —SparkNotes Editors OK, there... More  →

Summer Activity Series: Mell-O in a Kiddie Pool Full of Jell-O

By Kathryn_WilliamsJuly 16, 2009
So you want to know how to fill a kiddie pool with Jell-O. Hey, we're not here to judge. What matters is... More  →

Summer Activity Series: Slip Slidin' Away

By Kathryn_WilliamsJuly 9, 2009
Remember when grass burn was cool? Yeah, so do we. 'Cause it was yesterday. Which is why we present, for... More  →

You Can't Bring Your Ferret (and Other European Travel Tips)

By kat_rosenfieldJuly 1, 2009
Earlier this week, we got an email from an advice-seeking Sparkler with an impending trip to Europe, a limited amount of luggage... More  →

Take the Plunge: A Field Guide to Pool Personalities

By kat_rosenfieldJune 19, 2009
When summer arrives, the social landscape of high school moves outside. Gone are the hallway scuffles, the cafeteria cliques, and the sports... More  →

The SparkNotes Guide to Teacher Appreciation Gifts

By Chris_DikenJune 9, 2009
Your teachers gave you a lot this year: knowledge, encouragement, and occasionally detention. In return, you doled out frustration, heartburn, and occasionally... More  →

Get Over It: A Guide to Breakups

By kat_rosenfieldMay 8, 2009
There’s no getting around it: Being dumped is the pits. One day you’re sooo happy together, skipping hand in hand down the... More  →

The Ten Types of Teen Drivers

By Dan_BergsteinApril 29, 2009
The road is filled with a wide variety of drivers, from motivated soccer moms to Bluetooth-enabled businessmen who think "yield" means "cut... More  →

Prom Horror: An Etiquette Guide

By kat_rosenfieldApril 27, 2009
Previously on SparkNotes, your editors offered a step-by-step instruction guide for securing a prom date—which, if you have followed our sage... More  →