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You're a Wildebeest... and Other Effective Breakup Lines

By kat_rosenfieldAugust 11, 2009
Earlier this summer, SparkLife gave you a brief-but-comprehensive lowdown on the vagaries of summer love—from getting to know each other to getting,... More  →
You're a Wildebeest... and Other Effective Breakup Lines

The Breakup Playlist

By ContributorAugust 7, 2009
Sparkler WishYouWereMe is good at seeing the bright side of a bad relationship: a great playlist of her favorite pop... More  →
The Breakup Playlist

High School 101: A Life Primer

By Jeff_AlexanderJuly 15, 2009
Programs like Summer Success at Agua Fria High School in Arizona are helping students prep for ninth grade by teaching... More  →

Get Over That Guy!

By ContributorJune 24, 2009
Summer is no time to wallow, and Sparkler ArtsyPants05 has offered us some great tips for coping with horrible breakups. Enjoy! —SparkNotes... More  →

Get Over It: A Guide to Breakups

By kat_rosenfieldMay 8, 2009
There’s no getting around it: Being dumped is the pits. One day you’re sooo happy together, skipping hand in hand down the... More  →