Writing Tips

At a loss for words?

Don't worry, we've got plenty of ideas—just check out this list for inspiration!

  • Anything and everything to do with crushes, flirting, and kissing—we just can't get enough of that mushy, gushy love stuff (and all the sweaty, nerve-wracking hilarity that comes with it)!
  • AWKWARDNESS. We're awkward, you're awkward, LET'S WRITE ABOUT IT.
  • Your favorite books, movies, TV shows, and music (review a summer blockbuster or recap an episode!).
  • Witty, intelligent commentaries on pop culture, controversial subjects (keep it respectful, yo), and current events.
  • Funny lists, and helpful guides! (28 Best Comebacks to When Someone Calls You a Nerd and Tips for Studying Abroad).

The Official SparkLife Glossary

If you're going to be on SparkLife all the time (and trust us, you are), you're gonna need to know the lingo. Below is a list of terms that frequently appear in comments and posts on our site—read 'em, commit 'em to memory, and spread 'em like wildfire!

*This glossary was compiled with the help of posts by JMKhungergamesfan and xXx_Dragon_Rider_xXx—we can't thank you guys enough!

Auntie SparkNotes: SparkLife's resident advice expert! She answers your questions on every tricky, sticky situation you can imagine, from sibling rivalry to unrequited crushes.

BAM!: An expression of victory/excitement used when a Sparkler is the first person to comment on a post.

Butts: A term of endearment by which Chelsea Dagger often refers to Sparklers. Example: "Could my boyfriend Joseph Gordon-Levitt be any more adorable? NEGATORY, BUTTS."

Gary: An infamous monster (aka technological glitch) who resides in the commenting system, eating up emoticons, sentences, and sometimes entire comments.

LW: An acronym for "Letter Writer"; appears often in Auntie SparkNotes posts and comments.

Mankler: The dude version of a Sparkler (see below).

NBK: An acronym for "never been kissed," as seen in the popular series of the same name.

Open Thread: A daily post where Sparklers gather to chat, make new friends, and exchange greetings and e-cupcakes; often referred to as "the OT."

Sparkler: A brilliant, hilarious female user of SparkLife.

Sparkitor: A SparkLife editor (like Emma Chastain, Emily Winter, Chelsea Dagger, and Melissa Albert).

Splogger: A SparkLife blogger (like Jon Skindzier, Reid Faylor, and Allison Emm).

Splurker: A Sparkler who reads posts on SparkLife but is too shy to comment. (LOOSE YOURSELF OF THE BONDS OF FEAR, SPLURKERS! SPEAK OUT!)