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Why I'm Team Thresh

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Why I'm Team Thresh
This is not a post about who should be Katniss’ forever buddy (Because I’m Team Peeta ALL THE WAY) but a post about an extremely underrated guy in the Hunger Games.  Who, if Suzanne Collins wasn’t heartless realistic would have won, preferably with Rue. Thresh. 1) He’s mysterious.  We know so little about him, except that he was from District 11, had a grandmother and a sister, and was the biggest tribute in the Games.  And every glimpse of him in the book just makes me want to know more.  What did he do in District 11?  Did he think he could win?  What did he think about Rue and Katniss?  And how did he die? 2) He’s noble.  Thresh saved Katniss’ life at the Feast.  He could have easily let Clove kill her, but he spared her life.  What’s more, he took District 2’s backpack so Cato would chase him instead of Katniss.  This choice probably led to his death at Cato’s hands. 3) He remained unchanged by the Games.  Katniss notes how Thresh refused to be part of the Career pack.  Any kid from District 11 would probably kill to be with the Careers, but Thresh turned them down.  What’s more, he manages to get fifth place, a very high place for a tribute from Eleven.  Katniss says, "I always respected him. For his power. For his refusal to play the Games on anyone's terms but his own."  That’s the perfect description of Thresh 4) He’s protective.  He cares about Rue enough to spare her ally. My favorite bits from the movie are this and this.  I think of him as a big brother to Rue, and then I want to cry.  And it always makes me wonder what if… That’s why when everyone is screaming “Team Peeta!”  “Team Gale!” and the really crazy dedicated fangirls scream “Team FInnick!” and the hipsters are all like, “Team Haymitch!”,  I just smile to myself and think, Team Thresh!
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