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Waiting Too Long

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Waiting Too Long

Hey, Sparklers!

I was going to send something in to either Jono or Auntie, but I didn't feel the need to remain anonymous. And at this point, I realized that I need as much help as I can get about my little situation ASAP.

I went through a semi-awkward breakup in December. I realized (among other reasons) that I was fed up with seeing my ex every single day and not saying a single word. Even my attempts to say hi in the hallway were dismissed by his speedwalking to his next class. And then he dared to text me as if everything was okay. So it ended. But I'm okay.

For the record, I try not to be a jerk most of the time. I told him that if he still wanted to be friends with me, all he needed to do was talk to me. Just to be clear, he hasn't said a word to me since early December. He has spammed my phone with a ton of messages, though. But they're not the same thing. When I said talking, I meant face to face. Not phone to phone.

When I said "spammed," I really meant it. I can't tell you how many times I've received the same message in a single day. Most of it is him over-apologizing or saying how much he hated himself (which I find weird because we were never that serious in the first place). And he used to (try to) call me twenty times in the course of a day. It was kind of ridiculous. And I never had much time to call or text. I didn't want to deal with that crap.

At this point, I'm keeping silent until he figures this out. But the kid is relentless. I've had to block his number on my phone to keep him from calling and texting me while I'm busy with my life. And I still see him every day at school, where I wait as nothing happens.

Guys, is it really worth waiting? Will he ever figure this out?

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