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Valentine's Day for The Single Peeps

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Valentine's Day for The Single Peeps

I come from the land of Tea and Crumpets, that little island called The United Kingdom! And here, much like the rest of the world, that little date has come upon us. 


And I don't mean Pancake Day.


Valentine's Day is here, yet again. The day of cute couples and exchanging presents, and EMPHASISED SINGLETUDE! Don't get me wrong, I think that if people have someone to be all unnecessarily and sickeningly lovey dovey with, ruddy good on them!

Alas, I will be spending my "Valentine's Day" with my pervy Chemistry teacher, who laughs at his own jokes and doesn't appear to know the meaning of dental hygiene. 

I can’t be the only one who loathes the thought of a day of love? Maybe I'm just an old (young 17 year old) hag, who is tired of hopelessly flirting with nerd boys who can't look me in the eye. I believe St. Valentine, whoever he was, thought that in the future that there should be a day where half the world are all loved up, and the rest of us run crying to the ice cream aisle, then to our warm beds watching the scene in 500 Days of Summer where Tom delivers his spine-chilling and sexy speech about overrated “love”.

I think I'd rather spend my dying days with you Sparklers.

Am I alone in my Valentine's sulk? Anyone else got more Tales of Singletude?


P.S.  Happy Valentine's Day Chums


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