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Top games of 2012 part 2

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Top games of 2012 part 2

So a little while ago i wrote about the top games of 2012. Now that the year is almost out its time to add a few more reviews.


Far Cry 3- When i wrote my other post I said Dishonored was my favorite game so far, but i would like to change that. After playing Far Cry 3 for a couple weeks it now takes the top spot. Its all a game can ask for from to graphics, to the music that really puts you into the mood of the scene, and the games weapon system. The weapons system is amazing beacuse simplly the guns are custiomizable but to get the guns you either have to: A). Buy the guns which cost alot of cash. OR B).Through out the game there are broken radion towers and you can climb to the top of and turn on which will give you the weapons for free. But be warned the towers usual have guards near by and it is easy to fall off them and die. The game gets a strong 9.5-10


Madden 13- The next game in the madden series is a strong competitor for game of the year but it will not get the title. EA sports made the game more sleek with easier to use menus, though i now have a harder time finding what i want to play in the mess of things. Second the online mode to the game now has the carrer (franchise) game mode in which you and friends can take on carrer mode together.  The game is deffinetly a step up from madden 12 but could still use some work giving it an 8.5/10


Skylanders Giants- This game is a huge money eater because to get new chacters in the game you have to go out and buy extra figures. The game comes with 3 figures and 1 giant figure but this is stil not enough for some of the harder levels. Lots of things have stayed the same but lots of stuff has also changed but i dont like most of the changes as they make the game feel longer and the game becomes boring very quickly. 6.5/10

To be continued.....

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