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The wonderous/horrible world of COLLEGE

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The wonderous/horrible world of COLLEGE

Greetings and salutations y'all! It's me, AJ, here to blather on a different subject today. As a few of you may know, I've started college this year, and I just felt that I should share a few of the...tricks I've learned to use in order to not die...




4. Jk. Okay, so I know y'all are smarter than the average butt, yet I still feel it necessary to point out that college is so much more difficult than high school. Seriously, learn study habits before you get here, and your life will be better. Never forget to have fun though. That's ALWAYS important

Here's some tips, for realsies this time!

1. Get to know your professor

Granted, when you are in a class of 150+ students, this can be difficult. But never be afraid of going to their office hours and making sure they know a little about you.

2. If you can, plan your weeks so that you don't get mentally fried. 

Here at the wonderful world of UCLA, we get to (sort of) plan out our weeks for each quarter. I highly suggest you make sure, if nothing else, that your finals DON'T happen on the same day. 

3. Find your classes BEFORE instruction begins.

Yeah, this one is important. MAINLY so that you don't end up in the wrong class all quarter/semestre. 

4. STUDY. 

Well, I wouldn't be helpful if I didn't mention this one.

5. Have some fun. 

Don't forget. College should be FUN. Not insanity, mind you. But don't forget to loosen once in a while. NOTE: I am not promoting ANY drugs whatsoever. I mean nice, clean fun.


Aaaaaand that's about all I NEED to tell you for now. To the seniors, APPLY FRICKING EVERYWHERE. To all others, study, work hard, and make sure you know where your path is leading. 


Good luck y'all. I hope to see you around. GO BRUINS!

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