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The Tired Tales of the Fed up Girl

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The Tired Tales of the Fed up Girl

Have you ever noticed that girl in your class?

The girl whose eyes look tired?

The same girl who looks annoyed?

That girl has cried her eyes out almost every night

That girl is fed up with everyone and everything

Some days she wants to die or just break down and cry

She always has a smile on her face outside of class

She laughs till she cries but there is so much pain in her eyes

No one knows that she is dead inside,

She walks down the hallways and notices stares,

She hears laughing and thinks it’s at her,

She’s self conscience and thinks she is not good enough,

She feels ugly and people lie when they say she’s pretty,

Who can she trust; so many people have lied,

So she goes on everyday pretending to be okay,

If someone did ask what was really wrong,

She would tell them but what would the person do?

Pity them, or say their sorry,

That means nothing to them; sometimes they just need a hug,

Or rather someone to listen and not respond,

That girl just needs a break from reality,

That girl hates herself no matter what anyone else says

She blames herself for everything and that’s the way she thinks it’s suppose to be.

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