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The Lost-yet-wonderful Omniverse of Science-fiction TV shows

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The Lost-yet-wonderful Omniverse of Science-fiction TV shows

Many of you here on Sparklife are trekkies. Many more are Whovians. Some just know of the shows, others drool over them. In the past 50 years, there have been many different Science Fiction shows, but there were a few greats that have been neglected by the wayside. And I, Hammy , am here to tell you about some of them.


-Babylon 5: This show, set in the middle of the 23rd century, follows the adventures and daily trials of the crew and residents of the Massive SuperSatellite, Babylon 5. The 5th and last in the Babylon line, this behemoth utilizes rotation to create artificial gravity within its habitation areas. Created after the Babylon 4 tragedy, thousands live here, including diplomats from many of the planets in the Galaxy. The most notable among them are Delenn of the Minbari, Londo Mollari of the Centauri, G'Kar of the Narn, Kosh of the Vorlons, and, initially, Jeffery Shephard of Earth, and later, John Sheridan of Earth. 

This series goes through about 5 years, from 2258-2263, and it follows many battles, many triumphs, and many losses. The amount of theme variety in this show is astounding, and I am sure that if you enjoyed StarTrek, then you will probably enjoy this as well. Give it a chance.  

You can watch full episodes on


-Farscape: This Australian sci-fi may be a little different from the American sci-fi many of us are used to, but I will tell you, it is worth your time. At the opening, Earth Astronaut John Crichton is hurled into a wormhole as he is testing new equipment in the high atmosphere, sending him into a completely different part of the Universe. There, he meets Zhaan, a religious tall blue female, D'Argo, a militant male, Rygel, the deposed emporer of his planet (by his own brother), and Ayren, a humanoid female called a "Peacekeeper", beings who are basically tracking all of them down after Crichton angers the head of the Peacekeepers. 

Also, they all travel around in a living spaceship. 

You Whovians should be squeeing about now. 

And for the Stargate SG-1 fans out there, Daniel's "wife" plays Aeryn.

This series is available on Netflix at the basic level.


So I know that's only two, but I'll work on finding some more gems of scifi, and who knows, maybe other genres. 


Till then, stay awesome, my sparkies! TTFN -Hammster

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