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That One Annoying Friend?

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That One Annoying Friend?

If you're a teenager in high school you totally get what I'm saying here. In everyone's friend group, there's always that one friend who gets on your nerves.

It could be:

Miss Let Me Top Whatever You Just Said

Case scenario: You just tell your friends about your successful attempt to finally capture a baby squirrel so that you can raise it as your own kin. Said friend replies with and casual but calculated, "Well I caught two squirrels. In the rain. With my bare hands. In the woods. With only my glass eye to guide me." However, by the time you realize she doesn't even have a glass eye, it is too late. She just topped your story.

Mr I'm Such A Hipster

Case Scenario: You tell your Hipster friend about your new favorite band: Sleeping With Sirens *cough Kellin Quinn is hot cough*. He snubs your declaration and says, "I used to listen to them back in 2008 before they sold out to the man!" He declares with a vengeful fist in the air before walking away, leaving you wondering how he could do that when they were formed only in 2009.

Miss Emotional

Case Scenario: You walk to your locker to get your books for English. Your friend walks up to you, tears and mascara streaming unattractively down her flushed cheeks. "I forgot my favorite pencil at home!" she manages to say in between dramatic sobs as you awkwardly pat her on the back.

Mr I Think I'm So Hilarious But I'm Really Not (True Story)

Case Scenario: In class everyone is in deep discussion about the horror of school shootings whilst mourning for the lives that were lost. He shouts, "Abe Lincoln was shot." You along with the rest of the class shoot daggers at him, hoping the force of the combined impact will somehow suffocate him until he no longer attempts to make stupid comments.

Mr Awkward

Case Scenario: You feel heavy breathing on your exposed neck and quickly turn around. You see your friend looking at you in a way that makes you shift uncomfortably, looking around for an escape route but finding none. "Hello," you smile and wave slightly backing away slowly, but he traps you in a bear hug. The fact that you hear him sniffing your hair loudly doesn't relieve any of the awkward tension.


Anymore that you know of that I should add?

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