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some writing tips I got from my teacher

By: Conner_Michael_Heather_PEGGYJanuary 23, 2018

Thesis- states what you’re talking about in your essayRevision- rewriting (mechanics, spelling, grammar, style, structure, tone)

Know your audience-Writing is all about your reader. Your reader is your focus point, not what you know.Focus on planning-You should spend approximately 50% of your time planning an essay.Drafting

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Organisational Tools: GYGFTS 1

By: RubesCubesJune 3, 2017

Hello Sparklers! A quick note about this article. GYGFTS (Get Yourself Great For The Summer) will be a series that I'll be keeping up throughout the summer. It will include organisational tips, how to be productive in the summer, how to learn so you're ahead when you

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SparkLife Advice

By: AutumnMooncakesJune 28, 2016

Some useful advice for using SparkLife.


Guide to commenting:


Alternatives to “BAM!”:

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It's Exam Time! A Few Tip's To Stay Relaxed

By: bankziiedooNovember 11, 2013

Are exam's stressing you out? Feel like sleeping right through all of them?

Dont worry, you're not alone. Exam's are a stressfull time for everyone, but here a few tips to try and reduce your stress levels .

1- Be Confident. If you tell yourself that you

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[WANTED: HELP] Impromptu Speech Contest

By: kpopgeekAugust 17, 2013

okay. i, together with two of my school mates from the upper school department, were chosen to be part of this nerve-wrecking impromptu speech contest.and to tell you honestly, i am so NOT comfortable. I'm very nervous; heart beating; dead. The three of us have been trained with

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A Summer Dreamer's Blog: Tips on Preventing a Vacation Nightmare (The Evil Dead)

By: HumaneSociety-2011July 9, 2013

I recently decided to continue my summer tradition of watching classic horror movies.  I always promised myself that I would get it done and now I finally have done it.  Fortunately, Evil Dead caught my eye as I was browsing my movie list. As I

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7 Totally Serious Tips For Teenagers - Part 3

By cazpeeMarch 8, 2013

Fun fact of the day week month occasional period of time:

I am currently sitting alone in a dark room giggling to myself. I don’t even feel ashamed.

 Here's the link to the previous post, though it really isn't

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Things Girls Love

By: luluzhinaJanuary 23, 2013

Now this post has nothing to do with my last, (you should totally read it too) ,but in light of some recent evets, (and wishful thinking on my own part). I'd figure I'd share to the internet

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