summer break

A Changing of Schedules

By: DJWindexMay 26, 2018

You probably saw Lianna's post; I'm in a very similar situation. Here's how things will go for the next couple weeks:

  • From the 26th to the 30th, I'll be on for two fifteen minute blocks every day.
  • From the 31st up to June 5th, I won't be
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Organisational Tools: GYGFTS 1

By: RubesCubesJune 3, 2017

Hello Sparklers! A quick note about this article. GYGFTS (Get Yourself Great For The Summer) will be a series that I'll be keeping up throughout the summer. It will include organisational tips, how to be productive in the summer, how to learn so you're ahead when you

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Things Teachers Shouldn't Say, But Often Do (With Replies We Wish We Could Give Them)

By: IndigoGAPJuly 13, 2013

Okay! School just reopened after summer break. What that means for me is horrible food, horrible popular, nerd hating kids (yes, they're like that in my school), awesome friends, studies, hot crush  stupid guy, and ofcourse..teachers. I have really awful teachers this year. Infact,

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