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Life = Stress?

By: sarahchicfireFebruary 6, 2014

Okay, so this is probably going to sound strange to many people but here's what I think. And you're free to disagree.

When I was young girl my parents used to educate me about the values of life. Like how life is short so we should

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By: Gurgle-gurgleFebruary 3, 2014

I know there's enough of these rants on Sparklife. I'm yet another confused 18 year old, who can't really figure out exactly how and when adulthood managed to creep up on her. If you've had enough negativity to last you a lifetime and... More  →

Rant of being a teenager--I'm sure you all can relate

By: geekygirl397February 1, 2014

Being a teenager. Yeah. I'm one, as are a lot of you. It's hard. I hope we can all appreciate that. Yeah, we have attitude or whatever--we have crazy wacky hormone crap going on, and for some people, it's even worse (we girls. Sorry fellas,

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It's Exam Time! A Few Tip's To Stay Relaxed

By: bankziiedooNovember 11, 2013

Are exam's stressing you out? Feel like sleeping right through all of them?

Dont worry, you're not alone. Exam's are a stressfull time for everyone, but here a few tips to try and reduce your stress levels .

1- Be Confident. If you tell yourself that you

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Rebellious Reasons for Not-So-Regular, Run-Away-Hopes-Of-Fresh-Starts Teens

By: aiszahmarieOctober 22, 2013

What's the deal with stress? I mean, everyone has it in one point of their life, but I hate it when it can just build up and make you feel so horrible inside and out. For me, it really never goes away, but I guess

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The Beginning of the End: A Rose by any other Name

By: Thatrandomgirl123September 12, 2013
So, today I had an interview with an admission representative from one of my top prospective schools. Now, I had already had an interview with a representative when I had visited the school, but thought it best to have a sit down before I send... More  →

The Beginning of the End: So it Begins

By: Thatrandomgirl123September 9, 2013

Senior year! One year left in high school. You’re finally the top dogs, applying to colleges, and enjoying those sweet senior privileges. Sounds fun, right? Wrong.

Now, I’m not sure what your perception of senior year is, but I can tell you one thing; senior year

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Class of 2014? I Feel You.

By: witbeyondmeasure4April 15, 2013

Hello, my fellow juniors,

I'm almost positive I'm not the only one feeling this way.  There's about two months left until we're seniors (unless the summer doesn't count; after 12 years of formal education I still haven't made up my mind on the subject.

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