By: CuppaSaltJune 15, 2018

So I didn’t write this poem, one of my mums friends did. Sadly, they are no longer in contact and she can’t remember his name but he wrote this poem about/for me when I was about 1 and a half or so. Back when I

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By: CuppaSaltJune 7, 2018

I apologise if I referenced the wrong religion, I meant to mean Ramadan but I had a brain fart and forgot which religion it was that did Ramadan so I went with my gut




I upset my roommate

i didn’t die

now, like those in Islam,

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Giving Up -Free Verse

By: Lianna919May 25, 2018

I would

If I could,

But I can't,

So I won't.

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By: CuppaSaltMay 25, 2018

I make mistakes 

thats all I ever do

mistakes on what you say

mistakes on what you do

I make so many mistakes 

every day

i dont even know 

how to avoid it.

You yell

you scream

when i make mistakes.

You ignore my apologies 

and everything I do 

until there is nothing left

but to drag my razor

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Too Many -Free Verse

By: Lianna919May 22, 2018

TRIGGER WARNING: Mentions of self-harm, suicide, flashbacks, and panic attacks are in the poem. If those are triggering, proceed with caution.


There are

Too many people

In her head.

All different aspects

Of her,

Yet all conflicting.


There are

Too many thoughts

In her brain,

Crashing into one another,

Spiraling her down

Into a panic attack.


There are


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Remember -Free Verse

By: Lianna919May 21, 2018

TRIGGER WARNING: If suicide or self-harm triggers you, please continue with caution.


If you don't remember

To email me,

You'll forget to

Message me, too.


If you don't remember

To message me,

You'll forget to

Read the letters I wrote, too.


If you don't remember

To read the letters I wrote,

You'll forget 

That people love you



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Things People Say -Free Verse

By: Lianna919May 18, 2018


If you were bullied or are currently being bullied, this might trigger you.  You might also be triggered by some of the things that people have said to me, which is all of the things in the first stanza. So be careful. Also, if

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Early Morning -Free Verse

By: Lianna919May 17, 2018

The smell of


Wafts through my window,

Birds chirp

As if to greet the day,

And I pretend

You're laying next to me.


Your warmth 

Radiates into my skin

As your closed eyes

Begin to flutter open.


I stare

At the beauty before me,

Tangled hair and all,

And place one small peck

On your forehead.

You smile

That amazing smile


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