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Meal Planning

Meal Planning: Maybe Too Many Snacks? (Never) (Week 6)

By: smile-moreAugust 12, 2018

Hello everyone!

This week I ended up getting a lot of snacks, there were some good sales and I had a rough week so I wanted some treats. I was still under budget though so I'll call it a win. I was mostly excited that the

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Meal Planning: Something a Little Different (Week 5)

By: smile-moreAugust 5, 2018

Hello everyone!

As you may or may not have noticed there wasn't a grocery haul last week. There was no grocery haul because I didn't go grocery shopping. I had a very busy,very hectic week with work so I ended up going out with friends, scavenging

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Meal Planning: Will the Freezer Ever Be Empty? (Week 4)

By: smile-moreJuly 22, 2018

Hello everyone! 


Another week, another meal plan! My freezer is still incredibly well stocked with meat so once again I was easily able to stay within budget (I even got a ton of "treat" items and still ended up being under budget). So without further ado

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Meal Planning: A Short Week (Week 3)

By: smile-moreJuly 15, 2018

Hello everyone!


Another week, another meal plan! This week I have a bit of a short weekly meal plan due to some upcoming travel but the meal planning must go on!


My totals for the week:


Total for the month so far: 67.44 (22.56 under budget!)



Grocery items:

  • Chicken Thighs
  • Cereal
  • Ground
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Meal Planning
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Meal Planning: Eat down the freezer! (Week 2)

By: smile-moreJuly 7, 2018

Hello everyone!


Welcome back to another week of meal plans! This week the theme is to eat down the freezer a bit to make some room in my fairly small freezer.

As usual my spending goal is under 30 dollars a week. Last week I went 4.50

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