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By: CuppaSaltJune 7, 2018

”no one needs you”

and best friends laugh

tears shed before 9

laughter echoes in a crying persons ears

two weeks left

or that’s what I thought

but I have to come back next year

i have to face my demons 

or rather

my demon

who turns my friends on me

make me want to stay

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By: CuppaSaltJune 7, 2018

I apologise if I referenced the wrong religion, I meant to mean Ramadan but I had a brain fart and forgot which religion it was that did Ramadan so I went with my gut




I upset my roommate

i didn’t die

now, like those in Islam,

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By: CuppaSaltMay 25, 2018

I make mistakes 

thats all I ever do

mistakes on what you say

mistakes on what you do

I make so many mistakes 

every day

i dont even know 

how to avoid it.

You yell

you scream

when i make mistakes.

You ignore my apologies 

and everything I do 

until there is nothing left

but to drag my razor

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Wrong Way -Free Verse

By: Lianna919May 23, 2018

TRIGGER WARNING: Mentions of suicide (specifically by car wreck) and depression, if this is triggering, proceed with caution.


A friend of mine

Told me a story

Of a guy who she knew

That was suicidal

And depressed.


He took his car

And made a left turn

Into oncoming traffic.


He died.


And as she told

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Dear Diary, Entry 23

By: Lianna919May 22, 2018

Diary, I'm having a lot of feelings and I hate it. I hate feeling this much. I hate caring so much. I don't want to feel anymore. I just want to be numb... 

I just hate that I care about people so much, because when they

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By Dylanut

F*** Perfection

By: DylanutMay 12, 2018
My life is a whirlwind

With me at the center

I'm crazy enough

I might let you enter

I'm insecure

And hella depressed

An ‘emo cutter’

And you know the rest

I've chased perfection

Over half my life

Only to realise

Its not

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Dear Diary, Entry 11

By: Lianna919May 2, 2018

Diary, there's a lot to talk about.

So yesterday was... interesting... We had Academic Recovery (AR, it's like an hour to work on school stuff) early and that threw off my schedule. I woke up ina good mood and by the end of the day I

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Gerald the Kitten -Short Story

By: Lianna919May 1, 2018

This is my first ever short story on SparkNotes, so I hope you like it!! Love ya, Creepers!


Once upon a time, there was a kitten in a pet shop. His name was Gerald. He was born in a litter of 5.

None of the other kittens

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