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How Not to Avoid Spoilers

By: AutumnMooncakesApril 17, 2015
  1. Ignore spoiler warnings.
  2. Read the fourth book of Percy Jackson series before the first three.
  3. Watch the last two The Lord of the Rings movies before the first.
  4. Watch The Avengers before watching any of the other MCU movies.
  5. Read full character descriptions on the Harry Potter Wiki.
  6. Listen to
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One Year, (not) 100 Books - February

By: clarinets-are-awesomeMarch 2, 2015

So, this entire month, I only read two books because papers are trying to suffocate me, and I only read those two books because they were required for classes (actually, I was supposed to read three for classes, but the third one clearly didn't happen).

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One Year, (not) 100 Books - January

By: clarinets-are-awesomeJanuary 31, 2015
Inspired by Lonks the Writer's 2011-2012 “One Year, 100 Books” series, also on Sparklife. I was planning to go for 100 in a year as well, until Count of Monte Cristo and homework convinced me to maintain a semblance of sanity instead. So the new,... More  →
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By: AutumnMooncakesDecember 25, 2014

We tried to cleanse the world

Of our poisoned footprints,

Remake what we destroyed,

Surpass our forefathers.


New laws, new structures,

A perfect system that will last forever.

The government has all you need;

The world will never grieve again.


But somehow there can never be

Peace for humans.

The world wrought by man’s hands


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A Few Good Novels I Read Recently

By: AutumnMooncakesDecember 6, 2014

Obsidian Mirror by Catherine Fisher

Wintercombe Abbey is home to the eccentric Oberon Venn, his godson Jake, who is certain that Venn has murdered Jake’s father, and Sarah, who is being chased by something. All of them are drawn to the Obsidian Mirror, an ancient object

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Books to Take You Across Oceans and Deserts

By: AutumnMooncakesOctober 16, 2014

She Is Not Invisible by Marcus Sedgwick

Laureth’s father is supposed to be in Switzerland, yet Laureth receives an email saying that his lost notebook has been found in New York. She flies to New York with her brother Benjamin to retrieve the notebook and look

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A Good Book

By: AutumnMooncakesOctober 13, 2014

A good book

Is one that makes you think

That gives dots for you to connect

A jigsaw for you to solve


A good book

Is one that echoes in your mind

That rewinds and replays

Digs burrows into the depths


A good book

Is one that makes you dream

That leaves souvenirs to touch


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On GIF Lists and Books

By: GallagherGirl11July 12, 2014

Recently I was scrolling through my Twitter feed and came upon a retweet from Twitter extraordinaire Maureen Johnson (author of books such as The Name of the Star and 13 Little Blue Envelopes). It was an article published by Elite Daily titled “Why Readers, Scientifically,

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