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Open Threadinator For April 11th, 2017

By: TheDoctor212April 11, 2017

Enter at your own risk + have fun kiddos!!

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Guide to My Fanfiction

By: AutumnMooncakesApril 9, 2017

This is a timeline for my fanfiction. I’ve actually been posting fanfiction-related stories on here for years, some of them for Writer Wars.



Kathleen’s family moves to China



Aisha moves to China and meets Kathleen in school



On Aisha’s

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The Brokenverse, Part V: Cuimhne (1)

By: Phantom__Of__The__OT__April 3, 2017

(Warning for moderate violence, mentions of death, and starting with a creepy, reality-disorting, dream. All fandom references belong to their respective owners. NOTE: V will be more than two halves, due to SL post length restrictions.) 

The victory in the war against the Plague may have

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By: AutumnMooncakesApril 3, 2017

A young lad climbed up a mountain peak

And found a castle with a hundred rooms,

And in a hall of pure diamond

Sat a king’s daughter on a golden throne.


He had heard of her splendour and grace,

And her beauty the whole world praised,

But the sight he beheld

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My Favorite Teen Titans Episodes

By: AutumnMooncakesMarch 27, 2017

If you don’t already know, Teen Titans is an animated TV series about a group of teenage superheroes. It’s hilarious, entertaining, and action-packed. Here are my 10 favorite Teen Titans episodes, ranked. You’ll probably notice that they’re biased towards my favorite Titan.


10. Cyborg the Barbarian

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Here's to knowledge, here's to writing your own deliverance!

By: HermioneScoutMatildaMarch 23, 2017

Yesterday the first terror attack on London in my lifetime, that I can remember. Four dead, 20 wounded. The death toll will be higher now, people will have died overnight. We knew it was only a matter of time but it still comes as a

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awkwardness sandwich
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The Art for Asking for Numbers.

By: the-moderate-gatsbyMarch 22, 2017

I have a firm belief that everyone in this world is awkward. Just some more awkward than others. There are also different types of awkward. You have the stare at you intensely from across the room at a party and continue to look at you

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