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By: CuppaSaltJune 15, 2018

So I didn’t write this poem, one of my mums friends did. Sadly, they are no longer in contact and she can’t remember his name but he wrote this poem about/for me when I was about 1 and a half or so. Back when I

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By: CuppaSaltJune 7, 2018

”no one needs you”

and best friends laugh

tears shed before 9

laughter echoes in a crying persons ears

two weeks left

or that’s what I thought

but I have to come back next year

i have to face my demons 

or rather

my demon

who turns my friends on me

make me want to stay

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By: CuppaSaltJune 7, 2018

I apologise if I referenced the wrong religion, I meant to mean Ramadan but I had a brain fart and forgot which religion it was that did Ramadan so I went with my gut




I upset my roommate

i didn’t die

now, like those in Islam,

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Diary 7 ig

By: CuppaSaltJune 1, 2018



So I came out to my mother

i write her a letter and poured my heart into it

i leave her the letter

she read the letter

what does she do?

1) goes through my texts on my phone. My emails, everything.


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By Dylanut

Saints Ch. 5

By: DylanutMay 30, 2018
High key abuse tw


They woke up to screaming. Achilles opened his eyes and shot up, noticing Hosea was already awake and wiping the sleep from his eyes. He looked in the direction of the sound, slowly, hesitant to confirm what he already knew

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A Changing of Schedules

By: DJWindexMay 26, 2018

You probably saw Lianna's post; I'm in a very similar situation. Here's how things will go for the next couple weeks:

  • From the 26th to the 30th, I'll be on for two fifteen minute blocks every day.
  • From the 31st up to June 5th, I won't be
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Hiatus Warning

By: Lianna919May 25, 2018

Hey, Creepers!

So, I've got some unfortunate news... I'm gonna be on hiatus for a bit. I've got a summer break for the next 10 days (from tomorrow to the Monday after next week), and after that I might be back, but I don't know if

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Giving Up -Free Verse

By: Lianna919May 25, 2018

I would

If I could,

But I can't,

So I won't.

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