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That Giant Bump In The Road

By: gotstagecrewAugust 29, 2014

Sorry!! Sorry!! Sorry!!

If you're reading this blog you know I dropped off the face of the Earth. Fun facts about Stage: she's a college freshman!! Woo go me!!

So along with normal life stuff, I've been prepping for college and my job (I'm a math tutor

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Is It Peter Pan?

By: ResidentialBookSellerAugust 28, 2014

Come away to Neverland

Peter, come and play

Come away to Never land...

Stay forever and a day.”

The fairies whispered in his ear

as he slept away the nights

And danced around him as he woke

to the suns glimmering lights.



The fairies knew the boys fears

and all his hopes and all

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Juli E - M.D -- Start with where you are, with what you have because what you have is plenty. (a preview)

By: T4KAR4August 28, 2014

    It is rather cold, the weather keeps sending chills up my spine. Or, maybe it's the fear. The American – Hugo -told us that we would be safe once we got across and that no one would hurt us. But, we’ve got to be

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Butch - Life's like a poker game, it's unpredictably predictable. (a preview)

By: T4KAR4August 28, 2014

    I don’t think life’s quite as unpredictable as Forrest’s momma presumed, you see, sometimes you do know what chocolates are in the box, you just can’t do much about the enjoying them, but you can control how you take it, how you handle ‘em.

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Stop Making Me Feel Guilty For Being Hit On

By: rawrdinosaurrAugust 27, 2014

This is an issue that's close to my heart, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. 

So I am a proud owner of very little self esteem, and (and this is a phrase I got from The Big Bang Theory) have an external locus of

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Here I am Leaving Home.

By: soccer2rules<333August 27, 2014

I lay on the floor gazing around my room,

My Pooh Bear sits on the shelf,

The smell of home familiar in everything,

The sound of my dad walking in the door,


Things I’m scared I will forget,

I will come home and it will only feel like I’m visiting,


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Next time when you speak about “real heroes” you may want to use another term

By: soccer2rules<333August 27, 2014

my sister posted a fb status about how the real heroes in the world aren’t celebrities, and that when they die the world sees it as a huge loss

She said the real heroes are soldiers. Which I do agree with 100% they are real heroes


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Why am I the Only One Who Fights?

By: jedialonzaAugust 24, 2014
Why am I the only one who fights

for peace?

No one else cares, so why

should I?

Why does it matter to me

if you leave or stay?

If you make up your mind to

go away?


Is it selfishness on my

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