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Happiness Week 2!

By: gotstagecrewJuly 31, 2014

Hey there, nice to see you again! In case you missed the introduction to this blog you can find the first entry here:

Alright, onto this week!

Well, there has been a lack of questions or

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Open Letter to the Inconceivably Rude Dietician at Souplantation

By: pianolover14July 29, 2014

Hi Sparklers. It's been a whill since I've written anything here. I'm sorry my first venture back is an angry one, but I need to vent, to people who I know will listen. I had an awful experience at Souplantation today. For those of you

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I Hate This Poem

By: AutumnMooncakesJuly 29, 2014

I hate this poem.

It’s revolting mush.

These words deserve a place

With the trash and the slush.

Give me Rosetti,

Tolkien or Poe,

Not a poem like this,

As plain as snow.

It is like mud

On a New Year’s Eve gown,

Or a long-lost sweetheart

Who greets you with a frown.

Have you ever seen

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Yet Another Divergent Daydream

By: rach_da_crazyJuly 28, 2014

To qualify as a fangirl, you must have daydreamed about living in your favourite book's world at least a squillion times. Well, that's me all right. One of my most original daydreams (concerning Divergent, funnily enough) was...

What if the setting was Edinburgh instead of Chicago?

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I Heard a Bell

By: soccer2rules<333July 25, 2014

I heard a bell,

From where I couldn't tell,


I looked to my right,

Then saw bright headlights,


All I heard was a yell,

Then only just a bell.

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Journey To Happiness

By: gotstagecrewJuly 25, 2014

Hey there! The name is gotstagecrew for those of you who don't know me. *waves* Nice to meet all of you. And welcome to my new Sparkblog *makes tada gesture at post*. I hope you find it warm and welcoming and a little cozy. This

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Reasons I Love H. Alan Scott

By: gothika99July 25, 2014

OK, most of you probably know that I have the biggest crush on H. Alan Scott, our absolute favorite Sparksplainer. And while I'm trying to not sound creepy and obsessed (it's love), here are a few of my favorite things:

1. His perfect hair. 

2. How his

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Let Me Have this Moment

By: soccer2rules<333July 24, 2014

You're all that I want

You're all that I need


Give me your hand and let's be free

Promise me that you'll never leave


Maybe this is love but we're just kids

And we know love is just a bid


To see what will work

To see if we'll last


Hug me tight

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