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When Boredom Strikes

By: OswinOswald98September 10, 2014

Ello fellow sparklers ( and spurklers),

I am indeed back, and ready to help solve our "in-school boredom catastrophe."

I realize that most people don't have laptops, and that they aren't allowed in school  even if you did have one. to that I say I am terribly

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By: WaffleloveSeptember 5, 2014


All the rooms are empty

And silent.


All by myself, all alone

With my cries. 


You were supposed to

Guide me, but you don't.


You sit in you chair with

That empty expression.


I scream, but you don't flinch

And the pills on the table just keep going...


I slam against your door.

I pound for

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By: jedialonzaSeptember 5, 2014

“I’m exhausted from living up to your expectations of me.”


...Especially when they are unreasonable;

especially when I can’t

manage to live up to them,

not even to graze the bottom rung.


Where did they come from?

Where did you get the

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Why am I the Only One Who Fights?

By: jedialonzaSeptember 5, 2014
Why am I the only one who fights

for peace?

No one else cares, so why

should I?

Why does it matter to me

if you leave or stay?

If you make up your mind to

go away?


Is it selfishness on my

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By: WaffleloveSeptember 5, 2014

No, I shouldn't do it again.

Love you.

Run to you with outstretched arms.

Give you everything I've got. 

Allow you back inside.

Let you pull me in one last time. 

No, I shouldn't do it again.


No, I can't do it again. 

Love you. 

Feel your abandonment for a while. 

Wonder where you are.


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Freshman Year... In College!

By: jennyformooseSeptember 4, 2014

I'm sure many of you guys started your school year this week! I know getting up at 5 AM sucks butt and everything but I thought I'd just start off this post by saying that you guys are lucky.

You have food available to you whenever

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The Woods

By: R3turn-of-Th3-G33kSeptember 3, 2014

When I opened my eyes, I did not know where I was. It was a thick grove of trees, huge oaks crossing their branches together above me as though holding hands like lovers, fingers intertwined. Their leaves were drawn across the sky like sheets, layers

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Five Movies You Haven't Seen (Probably) (Yet)

By: metalhead865September 3, 2014

I say probably because some of you might HAVE seen the following films. But anyway.

I love movies. I've seen hundreds of them. If that's wrong, I don't wanna be right. In the course of my movie-watching, I've come across some absolutely FANTABULOUS (god, that sounded

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