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Troubled Times

By: Paper-personApril 15, 2014

I last ended my simplified history of Northern Ireland in 1922, when Northern Ireland split from Ireland and joined England, Wales and Scotland to form the modern United Kingdom.

(I will repeat this for my largely American audience: Northern Ireland is NOT part of Ireland.

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Senioritis Got Me Slippin'

By: TheTimeIsNowApril 1, 2014

Oh, fellow senior Sparklers and Manklers, do you recall the beginning of senior year? Eons ago, yet weeks ago? I'm pretty sure that in physics we accidentally invented a time machine and have flown forward about 7 months... 

Anywho, this post concerns the rampant infection that

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One Difficult Question...

By: ResidentialBookSellerMarch 28, 2014
So I read a book the other day that got me thinking about a very difficult question

If everyone was suddenly evacuated off Earth to another planet, and you were told that you could only take 10 books with you, what would you take?


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Why "#SELFIE" is Both Bloody Brilliant and One Very Very Good Song

By: metalhead865March 24, 2014

I'm proud of myself.

I'm proud because I, for once, have beat everyone to the new big viral smash hit song before it became big and viral.

The song in question: "#SELFIE" by American dance musicians The Chainsmokers. You may have heard it. You may love it,

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Your Name is the Most Beautiful Shade of Blue

By: _Underscored_Owl_April 17, 2014

Your name is the most beautiful shade of Blue.

There's not much else to say.

It's the shade of Sky and Clouds gone by

And the lake where the sleeping Swans lie.

I see your name in Flowers

Those dew drop Lavenders.

I see your name in Books and Creeks

When icey

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Agents of shield

By: Truebeliver2April 16, 2014

Does anyone else here watch agents of shield? Because that is my show. The one I have to watch every week. I love Coulson and his quips.dont touch Lola! And fitz and simmons are adorable, talking science no one can understand in those accents. And

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A Summer Dream

By: LuneSpark9April 5, 2014

When it is warm and breezy and

the boy is holding your hand

and ice cream falls

to sticky hot

earth and 


can't contain 

your joy and

so much ecstacy, why ecstacy? 

You reach out to sun setting 

Hair flicking through suns summer rays

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Night time writing.

By: iloveartemusApril 2, 2014

I want to hate you tonight, but I can’t. I want to think that you don’t deserve my tears, that you’re not good enough for me to even spare thoughts for anymore.But it’s not true. Just because we’re not how we used to be doesn’t mean

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