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By: _Underscored_Owl_April 5, 2014

It wouldn't have worked anyway.

I don't know why I try.

But you are my sun.

You are my sky.

I love your eyes

And the way you smile.

If only we could be a "thing"

At least for a while.

Just for some time.

Some time is better than none.

At least for a

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By: soccer2rules<333April 2, 2014

Hey there! You all are looking fabulous and supermegafoxyawesomehhot! I come to you humbly asking you one simple question. A question we all would like to know....


IS THERE A BLACK CROWN???? If so how many upvotes do you need because it is driving me INSANE




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Senioritis Got Me Slippin'

By: TheTimeIsNowApril 1, 2014

Oh, fellow senior Sparklers and Manklers, do you recall the beginning of senior year? Eons ago, yet weeks ago? I'm pretty sure that in physics we accidentally invented a time machine and have flown forward about 7 months... 

Anywho, this post concerns the rampant infection that

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Shadow Man

By: jedialonzaMarch 29, 2014
She stands alone amidst the throng

While other laugh and dance in song

And when the party’s nearly done

She still just barely joins the fun


But though it seems like nothing’s there

The lone figure’s really a pair

Behind her in a blackish haze

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By ecm8

A Letter to My 11th Grade Self, Regarding the College Admissions Process

By: ecm8March 29, 2014

Dear 11th Grade Self,

Now comes the time in your life when you are considering colleges, studying hard for those SAT tests, and basically stressing beyond belief because, hey- it's junior year! However, now that I am an undoubtly wise, mature senior (sarcasm pinkies raised), I

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One Difficult Question...

By: ResidentialBookSellerMarch 28, 2014
So I read a book the other day that got me thinking about a very difficult question

If everyone was suddenly evacuated off Earth to another planet, and you were told that you could only take 10 books with you, what would you take?


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A Message to the OT

By: screamingilysoMarch 7, 2014

(Originally posted on the 3.7 OT)

Listen, I need to talk about the lingering stench of catfish.

As much as I wish this could be like a detective show on TV where the evidence is collected, the suspect is charged and that's it, life isn't really like

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By PiArrow

Love and Death

By: PiArrowApril 22, 2014

I have loved

And loved


And I feel

Love and Death

Are the same


One tore my heart

Then another

And another


Love and Death

Go hand in hand


I watched one person die

Then another

And another


Death and Love

Must be a pair


And when my heart

Was finally Loved

By someone


And wise

And good


Then they came

And Death took him

My someone


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