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Why I Like Fantasy More Than Science Fiction

By: AutumnMooncakesAugust 21, 2016

From the time I was very young, I always preferred fantasy over science fiction. I loved mermaids more than aliens, magic crystals more than lightsabers. I’m not quite sure why, but my hypothesis is this: while fantasy will always be fantasy, science fiction could one

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A Love to Let Go

By: TheMockingbird13August 15, 2016

I look at you

my heart says yes

my mind says no,

not today

avoid the mess.


I get too close

by accident

I realize late

no escape

fast descent


You take my hand.

You drag me in.

I turn to look

"Oh," I think.

"This again."


Your eyes meet mine

A beautiful green.

Your eyes are warm

more than I've

ever seen


With you

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Video Game Music Videos

By: AutumnMooncakesAugust 12, 2016

I don’t play video games, so a good proportion of my video game knowledge comes from fanmade music videos like these.

Assassin’s Creed: Unity


Dark Souls 2

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By: KoalapearAugust 7, 2016
 (This started from a writers wars prompt, and just kinda kept going)



Do you see that man over there? No, dont look at him. Did you see him? Hes been outside the building for a... More  →

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Writing Fanfiction: Pros and Cons

By: AutumnMooncakesAugust 5, 2016

I’ve been writing fanfiction for years, and while it’s very fun, it brings a set of challenges that original fiction doesn’t.

Pro: I have a self-imposed rule that I won’t change anything that is canon, which forces me to stretch my creativity to fit my own

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An Ultimate Compilation of Camp Riddles

By: TheMockingbird13August 2, 2016

I spent a lot of time at camp this summer. I collected loads of bug bites, awkward tan lines, summer crushes, and peculiar skills (tomahawk throwing, anyone?) but more than anything, I collected riddles. I'm not talking about the cheesy "what gets wetter the more

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By: staarxxmarieeAugust 2, 2016

Seems like im traped in hell,

Nowhere to go, no place to call home.

Is this as bad as a jail cell?

I can't even use a normal comb.

Augusta, Georgia, so far from home.

Florida is clearly where i belong.

This isn't a place for me.

This isn't me,

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Warm Felicity

By: WaffleloveAugust 1, 2016

If love is a choice, then I

have happened upon the

most monumentally natural

understanding in this lifetime.

It has become breathing,

a steady beating of the heart

sustaining the color of life

around me.

The stars, brighter.

The skies, clearer.

The music, sweeter in

this new clarity.

It is as if I have not

lived outside

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