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By ecm8

A Letter to My 11th Grade Self, Regarding the College Admissions Process

By: ecm8March 29, 2014

Dear 11th Grade Self,

Now comes the time in your life when you are considering colleges, studying hard for those SAT tests, and basically stressing beyond belief because, hey- it's junior year! However, now that I am an undoubtly wise, mature senior (sarcasm pinkies raised), I

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Why "#SELFIE" is Both Bloody Brilliant and One Very Very Good Song

By: metalhead865March 24, 2014

I'm proud of myself.

I'm proud because I, for once, have beat everyone to the new big viral smash hit song before it became big and viral.

The song in question: "#SELFIE" by American dance musicians The Chainsmokers. You may have heard it. You may love it,

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A Day in the Life of a Procrastinator

By: MuffinsWillRuleTheWorldApril 16, 2014

1:00 p.m. I have a test tomorrow. At ten in the morning. That leaves me with – *counts on fingers* – twenty one hours. Or is it twenty two? Oh you know what? Who cares? It’s not like I have a math test tomorrow. *snort*

1:16 p.m.

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Matzoh and Other Delicious Passover Stuff

By: jedialonzaApril 14, 2014

Passover is a week-long Jewish holiday, where we celebrate our redemption of 210 years of slavery in Egypt. The story itself  involves Ten Plagues, the splitting of the Red Sea, and a particular Pharaoh running around the streets in his pajamas.


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Fear of Change (Namely, High School)

By: FurnunculusApril 6, 2014
There is a huge change coming soon to a Sparkler near you. I will enter high school. (For all the non-US Sparklers, I'm entering secondary school.) The workload will be heavier, the classes tougher, and who knows what the policy is on using SparkNotes. I'm just a... More  →

Not Yet

By: HappySoundsApril 6, 2014

I stumbled, fell.

Where did I fall?

Into the dirt.

The cold, hard, unforgiving dirt.

But maybe I didn't fall.

Perhaps I was pushed.

Pushed by the cold shadow behind me.

The one that hurts me, and makes me bleed.

The one that makes me suffer.

The one that's consuming my friend.

I've pushed it

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One of those nights

By: LuneSpark9April 5, 2014

The night is clear. 

The breeze is slow. 

The stars shimmer

Magic fills the air. 

It was an ordinary day

But it is an extraordinary night. 

The romantic soul revels

In the spring nights filled with love

As the dreamer stares, imagining a far-off world. 

The clever try to find

Hidden mysteries in the tiny

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Senioritis Got Me Slippin'

By: TheTimeIsNowApril 1, 2014

Oh, fellow senior Sparklers and Manklers, do you recall the beginning of senior year? Eons ago, yet weeks ago? I'm pretty sure that in physics we accidentally invented a time machine and have flown forward about 7 months... 

Anywho, this post concerns the rampant infection that

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