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Fictional Characters Who Are Similar To Me

By: AutumnMooncakesOctober 14, 2016

Cath from Fangirl

Like me, she enjoys writing fanfiction, and often withdraws into a fictional world. Although I’m not complete fandom trash like she is, I’m still very passionate about books and movies that I love.


Anne from Anne of Green Gables

Anne has a powerful imagination, which

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Writer Wars: Room 54

By: AutumnMooncakesSeptember 15, 2016

The winner of last week’s Writer Wars was Koalapear. The title of this post is the last line of the winning poem. The picture above was also chosen for the poem.

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A Guide to Two Steps From Hell’s Albums

By: AutumnMooncakesSeptember 10, 2016

Two Steps From Hell is a very talented trailer music group. I listened to all the TSFH albums on the channel below and made a guide for what type of music is in each one. I hope at least one suits your taste!

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Writer Wars: We Saved Each Other

By: AutumnMooncakesSeptember 8, 2016

Since a new Writer Wars hasn’t been posted for a long time, TheDoctor212 suggested that I continue Writer Wars in the Sparkler Posts.

If you’re unfamiliar with Writer Wars, basically I give a prompt and everyone writes a short story or poem based on that prompt

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By: AutumnMooncakesSeptember 2, 2016

When a sailor’s voyage nears its end

And a ship’s journey is done,

There is a single light they crave

More than the rays of sun.


In the distance, upon the shore,

Is a stone that gleams with fire:

It can be seen in day and night,

The grand lighthouse, the Spyre.



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Funny Lines From Books

By: AutumnMooncakesAugust 26, 2016

We love to quote movies, but books also have hilarious quips the world can’t do without.


“Non-existent cat named Suzie got your tongue?” – Zach, Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy by Ally Carter


“There is a proverbial saying chiefly concerned with warning against too

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Why I Like Fantasy More Than Science Fiction

By: AutumnMooncakesAugust 21, 2016

From the time I was very young, I always preferred fantasy over science fiction. I loved mermaids more than aliens, magic crystals more than lightsabers. I’m not quite sure why, but my hypothesis is this: while fantasy will always be fantasy, science fiction could one

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A Love to Let Go

By: TheMockingbird13August 15, 2016

I look at you

my heart says yes

my mind says no,

not today

avoid the mess.


I get too close

by accident

I realize late

no escape

fast descent


You take my hand.

You drag me in.

I turn to look

"Oh," I think.

"This again."


Your eyes meet mine

A beautiful green.

Your eyes are warm

more than I've

ever seen


With you

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