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One of those nights

By: LuneSpark9April 5, 2014

The night is clear. 

The breeze is slow. 

The stars shimmer

Magic fills the air. 

It was an ordinary day

But it is an extraordinary night. 

The romantic soul revels

In the spring nights filled with love

As the dreamer stares, imagining a far-off world. 

The clever try to find

Hidden mysteries in the tiny

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The Nice Rain

By: LuneSpark9April 5, 2014


in the summer


is warm, inviting


want to splash


into the pour


in the nice rain

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A Summer Dream

By: LuneSpark9April 5, 2014

When it is warm and breezy and

the boy is holding your hand

and ice cream falls

to sticky hot

earth and 


can't contain 

your joy and

so much ecstacy, why ecstacy? 

You reach out to sun setting 

Hair flicking through suns summer rays

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Thoughts of My Mind

By: soccer2rules<333April 5, 2014

Do you ever realize how busy your life is getting because you’re getting older and you have more things to do and you have to stop doing things that you love or have got the habit in doing….

cause I just did and I’m scared

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The Outside of the OT: an adventure ft. Doctor

By: AnastasiaEverlostApril 4, 2014

We all know that the OT is basically a room of requirement. If you didn’t know that, well, now you do. Anything you could possibly need or want is in the OT. But what exactly does the OT look like? I’m writing this in hopes

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By: AnastasiaEverlostApril 4, 2014
Your wings so frail, your body small

You light on flowers the prettiest of them all.

Why does your beauty come so readily

 When people ignore you quite steadily?

You never falter, never change

And happiness seems to fill all your days

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9 Reasons I Love Princess Anna from Frozen

By: TheTimeIsNowApril 3, 2014

If you haven't seen the wonderful new(ish) Disney movie, Frozen, GET THEE TO A REDBOX. Or the internet. You know, whatever floats your boat. 

If you have seen it, try and tell me that you aren't absolutely in love with Princess Anna. She's perfect. Her infectious

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By: soccer2rules<333April 2, 2014

Hey there! You all are looking fabulous and supermegafoxyawesomehhot! I come to you humbly asking you one simple question. A question we all would like to know....


IS THERE A BLACK CROWN???? If so how many upvotes do you need because it is driving me INSANE




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