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By rulynn
gender equality
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The Wrong Kind of Feminism

By: rulynnMay 16, 2014

This is kind of a response to this article: ... More  →

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By: TomasMantosorriMay 16, 2014

Ok, guys be prepared to debate. 



Here's the rundown:




So, of all the topics that are touchy, I chose this week to allow us (being the sparklers brave enough to debate) to talk about one of the least touchy subjects. 




Some questions to help you out. 


  1. do you
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Awesome Makeup being Lazy and Cheap

By: SilverPrionChemistryMay 15, 2014

Hello, Sparklers!  (Excuse the terrible image.)  This post may be coming a little late for most people's proms, so I'm sorry.  But hey, you still wear makeup the rest of the year. 

At any rate, makeup is a great thing.  If used correctly, it gets past

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Spark by me ;)

By: longusernamessuckalotMay 15, 2014

oh wow what is this... 

oh this is the posty thing huh 

ooohhh im gooing to write something 

but what to writ...

oooooohhhhh i know 

gather my children im going to read a story 

*says creeply and grabs a large book*


Chapter 1

“Jason!” I scream. I slowly back into the corner

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Moonlit Path

By: AutumnMooncakesMay 15, 2014

She sat in the boat, tired but happy. Her hands, forced to hold the oars, were cold and numb, and she was sure that her face was ice-white.

But she didn’t care. Every second meant that she was slighter further away from the oppressive rulers of

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So I Stay Silent

By: Hello_SweetieMay 14, 2014

Pent up emotions

And so many things I want to say

So many things I want to share

Unworded thoughts

And I don't know how to write them

I don't know how to explain

So little time

And I have so much to do

I have so much that demands attention

I want to

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The GuyBestFriend Episode
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The GuyBestFriend Episode #10

By: jennyformooseMay 14, 2014

Today, I bought prom tickets. I was plannin for this moment since last night and it felt SO awesome. 

My friend and I decided to go together well because GBF backed out. He's from a different school so I had to fill out a "guest form"

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By: TomasMantosorriMay 14, 2014

Recently, in fact yesterday, Shit hit the fan on the OT AND on Auntie Sparknotes post. 


This is due to offensive comments, and over all dissagreeances of opinion. 

So, I did some thinking of how I could help prevent it, considering the fact that I sparked (he

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