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The GuyBestFriend Episode #4

By: jennyformooseApril 28, 2014

Calling all Sparklers and Manklers!

HELP! Prom is in 3 weeks and the GBF hasn't asked! Actually, he doesn't want to go. Which is weird because he was planning on going until spring break happened. Oh dear! Get your thinking caps on, my friends! I'll need

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My creator hates me!

By: TomasMantosorriApril 28, 2014

Peice by peice,

Bone by bone,

I'll have no neice,

I'll know no home,

But still you put me together. 


Stitch by stitch, 

moan by moan,

I'll face the world all alone.

Not knowing not to touch the flame,

I'll walk in shame forever.


You'll not name me.

and they'll throw stones

Pitchforks, knives, they hide their

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By: screamingilysoApril 28, 2014


Prompt :write abotu a girl nmed mary sue whose specul!1 (AN: nd make it sexi (;

da best sotry wins goffik fangz nd da prase of saten! 


heres insipration form da best writerz eva:

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HetaOni Theories

By: Randomocity15April 28, 2014

17 and a half parts of a Japanese video game....17 and a half parts that make you cry, scream, gasp, squeal, shriek, and generally take you all over the map. This is HetaOni, the Hetalia fangame combined with the Game Ao Oni. Not many sparklers

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By: amustachioedabnautApril 28, 2014

(Have you ever stood next to someone who was going all over the place with their voice, because they thought it sounded professional? Yeah, me too.)

I'm not a polished singer, 

Never took a class or such - 

But I know enough to shudder 

when a voice vibrates too

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Working title

By: TomasMantosorriApril 27, 2014

This is a movie script that me and Jennyformoose are working on. 




Scene one: 


Hey, I know that you might

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A Poem to an Asshole

By: soccer2rules<333April 26, 2014

A poem to an asshole

First let me start by saying thank you

Thank you for making me think

Thank you for bringing to light that your appearance does not affect your speaking ability

You said and I quote “She’s to ugly to talk”

First off the proper word to

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The GuyBestFriend Episode #3

By: jennyformooseApril 26, 2014

It's only been two days and I couldn't bare to stay away from you, Sparkler (and Mankler. Don't be shy to read it!). How could I, when my life itself is a comedy?

Well, I suppose we could start from yesterday.Yesterday (Friday) was pretty uneventful as

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