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Who are the 663?

By: screamingilysoMarch 11, 2014

I've been seeing a lot of comments from brand new accounts, all of which are tagged with "663" or "564b". Many of the comments include a note about being assigned to comment on an article. Is this true? These comments are written in different voices,

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Sparkler Anti-Bullying Campaign

By: catswithbrainsMarch 11, 2014

Hey Sparklers! 

Here is the thread to discuss details for the campaign.

A few things I think we should touch on are:

  • What is our main focus
  • How do we raise awareness
  • Time frame - When are we raising hype and when will the campaign itself take place


 Discuss away!

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It's a song!

By: WaffleloveMarch 10, 2014

Here's lyrics to a song I wrote about a year ago. I haven't figured out a title.


V.1. The world is spinning. Faster and Faster. 

Everyone's insane, but I wish it would last.

Walking and walking in circles nonstop.

My life is crazy all the way. Running and running.


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Rough Seas for Bauer

By: catswithbrainsMarch 10, 2014

Can't leave the house,

'Cause I'm scared as a mouse.

Yet I rouse

At the darkest hour.


I'm really scared,

I'm far from prepared,

to be declared,

by those with power.


I am nothing in the sea,

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Why do you like him??

By: KristenL1215March 8, 2014
I don’t think this question is asked just to me. It is definitely a question for a lot of people. I just happen to be asked it much more than the average teenage girl, or guy. I don’t judge.  Anyway, it is a very good... More  →

J.K. Rowling Can Write Word Problems for Math.

By: feenyxblueMarch 8, 2014

This is possibly the weirdest thing I am writing. But J.K. Rowling can write your math textbook...I think.

It all came to me upon re-reading the scene from the Deathly Hallows,(I don't think I need a spoiler alert, but just in case, spoiler alert) where McGongall

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A Letter

By: SherlockedSparklerMarch 8, 2014

A letter that changes you

It calls you a failure, it taunts you, it sneers

A worthless sack and a brain, good for nothing

A letter that changes you

It smiles welcomingly, you've earned it's presence 

A young bright student, ready to take on the world

The only difference 







but the consequences


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Five Songs You Can Get For Free Right Now

By: metalhead865March 8, 2014

I like free stuff. Who doesn't like free stuff? Free music is one of the best things in the world - you get a (usually) quality tune without having to pay for it or break international copyright law! (I did a project on how terrible

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