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Some of the Best Fan Art Around

By: AutumnMooncakesApril 2, 2016

Merlin: Merlin writing Arthur’s letter magically:


Harry Potter: Dumbledore comforting Snape:


Avatar: The Last Airbender: Royal portrait of Zuko and Mai:

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no love for me

By: Yaoilover0089March 31, 2016

im a good girl and i have a kind heart but all the guys in my life leave !

daddies little girl but dad left with my councler 

all my grand fathers died 

the only guys still around are my friends but theyre like family to me so

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Trump drops out of race

By: Ember-FireflyMarch 31, 2016

And you can hear the sighs of relief all over America.

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The Awkwardness of Dancing

By: the-moderate-gatsbyMarch 31, 2016


From asking my sister if the book Les Miserables was all song just like the musical to blurting out a wrong answer in class (very confidently, I might add.), my life has been just going from one embarrassing moment to another. BUT...... Out of all of these

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"Mrs. Caldera's House of Things" Poetry Explication

By: chickfilangelMarch 31, 2016

This is a school assignment, but I thought I did good so sharing is caring.


Copy of Poem:

Mrs. Caldera’s House of ThingsBY GREGORY DJANIKIANYou are sitting in Mrs. Caldera’s kitchen, you are sipping a glass of lemonadeand trying not to be too curious aboutthe box of

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The Internet Never Forgets

By: AutumnMooncakesMarch 30, 2016

One click

And your words are

On a banner,

On a billboard,

Shouted through a megaphone.


The years, the decades

Will not erase

Your words.


One click

And your words

Become stone.

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The Lonely School Night

By: Pointe_and_ConverseMarch 30, 2016

A poem I wrote for my English class, using Edgar Allen Poe's "The Raven" as rhyme scheme and meter inspiration. 


"The Lonely School Night"

Once upon a school night lonely, was a light in my room only.

Melancholy raindrops pattered, pattered on the street outdoor.

As I

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