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Why Do I Always Say I'm Sorry

By: soccer2rules<333April 10, 2014

I’m tired of saying sorry,

Why do people expect me to not make mistakes,

I’m not a perfect person,

I’m imperfect which makes me perfect,

But imperfection allows mistakes,

In which i should never apologize,

So why am I stuck saying sorry,

When I never even lied?

I say the words sorry as

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By: soccer2rules<333April 10, 2014

Mom I really miss you.

Sometimes I fear I forget the sound of your voice,

the brightness of your smile.

I haven't seen a rainbow in a while.

You said a rainbow was a sign that you were here,

Then where are you because the skies always so clear..

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An Open Letter to my Emotions

By: Mobbo_Potato_Bacon_YayApril 9, 2014

Hello emotions,

You guys are great. You let me feel things I love, allow me to connect with people I love. But you are multi-faceted, and there is one of you I don't appreciate. The one that makes me feel like I am shrouded in darkness,

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Disney Twists #3: FROZEN

By: JaquiQuiApril 8, 2014

Upon request, I have done a twist on Frozen! Well, this is more like "what could have been a deleted scene" than a twist. It's a bit longer than the others, but anywhosie, here it is! I hope y'all like it.


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By: marscrystal42April 7, 2014

Because I know you read these things. I know you comment on a few. But you've ignored Soccer's request. I'm here to request again, and even if you give a straight up "NO!" and run away laughing, at least I'll know someone read this.

Is there

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How to Have a Win in the Dating World

By: TanTanTheLadiesManApril 7, 2014

This weekend, as I sat all by myself at home and watched reruns of Full House, my mind began to wander to all of the wonderful experiences I’ve had in courtship.

I reflected back on the three dates I’ve ever been on in my whole life

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Fear of Change (Namely, High School)

By: FurnunculusApril 6, 2014
There is a huge change coming soon to a Sparkler near you. I will enter high school. (For all the non-US Sparklers, I'm entering secondary school.) The workload will be heavier, the classes tougher, and who knows what the policy is on using SparkNotes. I'm just a... More  →

Not Yet

By: HappySoundsApril 6, 2014

I stumbled, fell.

Where did I fall?

Into the dirt.

The cold, hard, unforgiving dirt.

But maybe I didn't fall.

Perhaps I was pushed.

Pushed by the cold shadow behind me.

The one that hurts me, and makes me bleed.

The one that makes me suffer.

The one that's consuming my friend.

I've pushed it

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