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Blogging Food :D

By: Rhythm527March 29, 2014

 A big hello to all the people out there casually browsing Sparknotes (and Sparklife) in class or wherever you happen to be, I would like to say that this is my first time ever writing up a post on Sparklife so all thoughts on improvements

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By: WatermelontasteMarch 29, 2014

What's "stupidity"? How do you define it? Is it something you say daily? Is it something you talk about? Do you say "stupid" as frequent as "LOL"?

These days people judge so much. Every single little thing happens, and people say "Oh, that's so stupid!" or

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One Difficult Question...

By: ResidentialBookSellerMarch 28, 2014
So I read a book the other day that got me thinking about a very difficult question

If everyone was suddenly evacuated off Earth to another planet, and you were told that you could only take 10 books with you, what would you take?


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Chocolate is a Salad: Living with OAS

By: jedialonzaMarch 27, 2014
OAS does not stand for Organization of American States, One Angry Swede, or Offensive Armadillo Snarking (apparently, the armadillos have a union, and they will sue for snark).

 Nope, OAS stands for Oral Allergy Syndrome.

 I bet you never heard of it, have you? Funnily enough,

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Disney Twists #1

By: JaquiQuiMarch 24, 2014

Hey y'all! I am the type of person who loves, loves, LOVES twists and turns on some of my favorite stories.  For example, a different ending, an extended scene, a new take on a character,

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Slam Poem

By: soccer2rules<333March 24, 2014

Every day we are surrounded by stereotypes

We are told to be better, be all we can be, to try our hardest, to enjoy what you love,

Do people not realize how hypocritical they are being?

I can be better and all I can be, I can try

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Why "#SELFIE" is Both Bloody Brilliant and One Very Very Good Song

By: metalhead865March 24, 2014

I'm proud of myself.

I'm proud because I, for once, have beat everyone to the new big viral smash hit song before it became big and viral.

The song in question: "#SELFIE" by American dance musicians The Chainsmokers. You may have heard it. You may love it,

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All At Once

By: MuffinsWillRuleTheWorldMarch 23, 2014

They say when you’re in love, the world feels like it’s spinning, with just you and me in the center staring up at the sky, while every star in universe revolves quietly around the two of us. But then it also feels like the world

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