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By: TomasMantosorriMay 14, 2014

Recently, in fact yesterday, Shit hit the fan on the OT AND on Auntie Sparknotes post. 


This is due to offensive comments, and over all dissagreeances of opinion. 

So, I did some thinking of how I could help prevent it, considering the fact that I sparked (he

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The GuyBestFriend Episode #9

By: jennyformooseMay 12, 2014

Uh yeah. He took it back.

How does one take back an affirmative for a promposal, you might ask.

Through a text. Of course. That's the way everyone wants to get rejected, right?

Thankfully, this was far behind in my past (three days...) and now I'm on the

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Places to Go Online If You Love Movies

By: AutumnMooncakesMay 11, 2014

WhatCulture – This site has lists about films, TV shows, comics and video games. People rank characters, provide their opinions on actors, or make recommendations. Some lists praise movies, like ... More  →

Fandom Schools (Installment 2 of Who-Knows-How-Many)

By: FurnunculusMay 9, 2014


Disclaimer: I am NOT calling out Doctor Who on this problem; it was just an idea. Bear with me.

Fandom School #50 had a huge problem. Yeah, it had a lot of students, which meant lots of cash, but that wasn't it.

No, its problem was

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Fenrir the Wolf

By: _Underscored_Owl_May 8, 2014





Left alone,

Feared and hated.

All I did was live and thrive.

Now I fear

I may die.



Stolen from my home.

No choice now

I must go on.

Live in the dark.

Forget all thats right.

Nothing is right.

What could thrive?

Nothing was kind that was ever alive.





Left alone

Just to die,

                  Now if only


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That Devilish Grin

By: soccer2rules<333May 8, 2014

You make me angry all the time,

But yet with your smile you reel me back in,

You laugh this laugh that I cannot live without,

No matter how many times we fight and breakdown,


We’re opposites but yet we are the same,

We have to much in common and

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Hetalian fan guide

By: Randomocity15May 8, 2014

Hello, and this is my latest project, helping people in, around, or even out of a very crazy fandom. We all know what a fandom is, like the typical, type. And everything, right? Good. Wait, you, reader who is raising your hand! I need to

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The GuyBestFriend Episode #8

By: jennyformooseMay 7, 2014

It happened. It happened. IT HAPPENED!

It was supposed to happen in a classroom but it happened in the cafeteria. I was embarrassed, he was embarrassed and everyone else was cheering. But on the upside, he said yes.

But of course, there's always the downside.


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