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Blink - A Short Story

By: MuffinsWillRuleTheWorldJune 2, 2014

I stare out into the street through the torrents of rain pouring down relentlessly, beyond the shelter of crisp leaves that crumble under my touch and the roughness of the branch bearing my weight. It presses hard against my leg enought to rub my skin

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I'm Smiling

By: soccer2rules<333June 2, 2014

I’ll be fine,

I always am,

I’m smiling,

I'm laughing,

That’s enough right.


But my eyes are hollow,

My pupils,

They are black holes,

Looking for a way out

I am lost and alone.


I still smile,

To get through the day,

Act like I know my way,

That's how it's supposed to be,

Always be strong,


To nod and

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Respect Roosevelt

By: wicwacwoeJune 1, 2014
    Hi! I’m wicwacwoe. If you want to know... More  →
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Jump to the finish. scene five

By: TomasMantosorriJune 1, 2014

Scene 5. Floor

(Johnny's hands are around a boys throat)(boy is bleeding badly, and is crying)

Johnny: V.O.

Just cause I'm your uncle doesn't mean That the price wasn't good enough.


What the hell does that mean you prick?


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Poems about Love and Such
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First Kiss

By: GodGirl4LifeMay 31, 2014

Hey there Sparklers! Recently my boyfriend and I shared our first kiss!

[insert girlish squeal here] So, I was inspired to write a new poem about it. Without further ado, here it is! Hope y'all enjoy!


I shall never forget our first kiss,

That day your lips met

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NBK O&P: What is Romance, Anyway? (NBK goes on summer hiatus)

By: Winter_MoonlightMay 31, 2014

            I made some squee-worthy progress with Sansa this week. I bought her lunch and got her phone number.  However, it turns out that she'll be out of the country without internet or phone service all summer, so there really isn't

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I Can Write About Love

By: soccer2rules<333May 31, 2014

I can write about love,

But I’m not in it,

I can imagine nights together,

But I cannot feel it,


For I have never felt the love I write about,

I have only dreamed and read about it,

But yet one day I would like to have love,

Someone who cares and

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By: TomasMantosorriMay 30, 2014

Guys sorry I am late. I was at the Soup Kitchen.


This weeks fight club s. will be about net neutrality. 


It would be best if you read this article, it is hard to explain. So read up and Debate!

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