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Neoma and Jade part 4 A "bedtime" story

By: Randomocity15May 1, 2014

Neoma's point of View.

"Dayla?" I ask, looking around 'the mind'. These past couple days I've been exploring my own mind. The main room, is actually a huge house and the control room is it's center. There appears to be 6 bedrooms, a large kitchen

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Reporting From Hobbitcon 2014

By: LadyStarkMay 1, 2014

Have you ever imagined what it must feel like to meet the cast and the crew of The Hobbit? Or to surround yourself with geeks, nerds, cosplayers and everything and anything Tolkien and hobbit-related? Or even to just come back from a weekend so outrageously

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The GuyBestFriend Episode #5

By: jennyformooseApril 30, 2014

Today was an accident.

Well, not completely I suppose. This morning, our school had a pre-AP meeting where you fill out a bubble sheet for two hours. Whoooo!

My GBF and I were also at the Student Council meeting so we walked to the gym together and

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The Things I know: a Poem for Claire

By: _Underscored_Owl_April 30, 2014

I know this relationship won't be going anywhere.

I know I'm no match for you, my fair.

I know that I adore your hair.

I know I'm in love with a girl named Claire.

 And when I see you walking down the halls,

I just can't help but stop and

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By: Mystique214782April 30, 2014

GIF OR GIF!!!!!!!!

You know, gif or gif???

The pronounciation, I mean. Do you say it like Jif, the yummy peanut butter?Or do you say it like GIFT without the T?

According to 

"Gif refers to an abbreviation which has different definitions depending on the context used. For

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Neoma and Jade part 3 The Mirror.

By: Randomocity15April 30, 2014

Jade's point of veiw

It was a feeling of hysteria, I think. I was completely sure I was losing it, until AJ yelled at me to close my eyes. I wasn't going to listen to her obviously, if...Al-I mean Neoma hadn't texted me The exact same

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Librarians are your friends.

By: fortheloveofMerlinApril 30, 2014

I started my day off by waking up late. I missed breakfeast and did not even get any water to drink. My first period is wind ensemble, and playing the french horn without any water in your system is almost painful.

My dear and caring friend

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Neoma and Jade part 2 Meanwhile, in Minnesota

By: Randomocity15April 30, 2014

Neoma's Point of Veiw


The voice keeps getting louder, and everything I try to say is blocked by her laughter. She makes tiny poems, that chill me to the bone. If it couldn't get any more demented, she refuses to call me Alexis. Dayla says, we're

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