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Some Good Short Films

By: AutumnMooncakesOctober 19, 2015

When you’ve got a few minutes to spare, a short film with a simple storyline can keep you entertained. These are some of my favorite short films – some funny, some creepy, some tragic.

Animator vs. Animation:

A digital

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Don't Run, Part 2

By: AutumnMooncakesOctober 16, 2015

The first part of the poem can be found here:


The doors will try to trap you

Closing till you’re overpowered

The more you seek an escape

The further you’ll be devoured


Others cannot help you

There’s an

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Don't Run, Part 1

By: AutumnMooncakesOctober 15, 2015

This house was built on whispers

Its foundation laid on sighs

Each black brick tells a story

Of heartbreak and of lies


Every room has a heart of ice

All the mortar reeks of grief

The weight that this house carries

Is woeful beyond belief


It remembers all the tears and pain

And inflicts

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Music List

By: KoalapearOctober 15, 2015

So I originally compiled this list for Belle and Clary, but a few other people (both Sparklife and IRL) have asked for it so... here it is. – Boulevard of Broken Dreams

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El Dorado

By: AutumnMooncakesOctober 14, 2015

The gods’ hands carved the enclosing rocks

The gods’ tears filled the sparkling pool

The gods’ breath formed the draping ferns


Here we seek their blessing

Here we pray for aid

We give our wealth back

To those who gave it

In desire of something more.

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Shoes and Souls: Part IV

By: RadicalEdward42October 11, 2015

Scuffed, black, broken heels

Troublingly still in the gray slush of winter evening

The streetlights embrace their once shiny surface

But they cannot feel the warmth

They have forgotten it somehow

The snowflakes swirl in the yellow city wind

And the blistering cold cuts deep through the shoes’ skin

The stockingless feet

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Anime Reviews
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Ouran High School Host Club and Black Butler Review

By: VaughanGirlOctober 10, 2015

Ouran High School Host Club

First of all, one of the main characters (Tamaki Suoh) is voiced by the same person who voices Edward Elric, so that’s absolutely awesome.

The drama and romantic comedy follows Haruhi, a female scholarship student coming from a middle class single parent household, who

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Trailer Music: The Genre to Rule All Genres

By: AutumnMooncakesOctober 9, 2015

Trailer music is not the ruler because it’s better than the other music genres. It’s the ruler because it encompasses the other genres.

Trailer music started out as background music for trailers, but now many artists release their music on albums.


I discovered trailer music by accident,

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