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I Enjoyed The Avengers Without Watching Its Prequels

By: AutumnMooncakesApril 19, 2015

I noticed that there was a debate about whether The Avengers was new viewer-friendly ( some time back.

I would say it would depend on your reason for watching the film. Do you want to

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Remember My Name

By: MarchingBand4LifeApril 17, 2015

Walking up the steps to my apartment

Wipe my feet on the doormat

everything so clean

As I look around

everything bare

Before I leave

I have one request

Remember my name


Once I'm gone

Don't let me disappear completely

Let me remain

in your memories

As the years pass

Remember my name


In the car

Looking back

Until it all

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How Not to Avoid Spoilers

By: AutumnMooncakesApril 17, 2015
  1. Ignore spoiler warnings.
  2. Read the fourth book of Percy Jackson series before the first three.
  3. Watch the last two The Lord of the Rings movies before the first.
  4. Watch The Avengers before watching any of the other MCU movies.
  5. Read full character descriptions on the Harry Potter Wiki.
  6. Listen to
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The 5th Wave: Starring Chloë Grace Moretz

By: Lyra_AshwoodApril 16, 2015

    So we all may or may not know about the upcoming science fiction film: The 5th Wave. There are aliens, invasions, and Chloë Grace Moretz. Whats not to love? Maybe it'll be one of those movies that ends up really sucky and kills the

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By: TetrisAbyssApril 14, 2015

My life is a fortune

Of fool’s gold and plastic emeralds

Fake pearls around my neck

And boxed wine on laminate


The queen of my castle

With no king nor kingdom

They seceded from here

And left me with my fortune


A fortune of old pictures

His face torn from their place

He took away

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The Brokenverse, Part IV: Sail (2)

By: Phantom__Of__The__OT__April 13, 2015

(Warning for moderate violence. All fandom references belong to their respective owners.)

As the pale yellow sun rose, causing the black sky to fade into first a deep red, then orange-yellow, then finally a light blue, the Valeyard had finally sipped the last of his tea.


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Revitalize Mibba!

By: BlastDragonXzeroApril 11, 2015

Do you like to write? Anything stories, poems, articles, reviews, blogs or maybe you just like reading them? Either way, if you do then Mibba is the place for you.


Mibba is a creative writing website with all kinds of writers who like to write all

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Sherlock's THIRD Brother is Tom Hiddleston!?!?

By: Lyra_AshwoodApril 11, 2015

     Yes, my fellow Spark-friends. In the third episode of season three of the BBC series Sherlock, Mycroft referred to a THIRD brother. here is exactly what he says:

     "I am not given to outbursts of brotherly compassion. You know

      what happened to the

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