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Let Me Have this Moment

By: soccer2rules<333July 24, 2014

You're all that I want

You're all that I need


Give me your hand and let's be free

Promise me that you'll never leave


Maybe this is love but we're just kids

And we know love is just a bid


To see what will work

To see if we'll last


Hug me tight

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LGBTQ poem about accepting who you are

By: Ds9freakJuly 22, 2014

Five words

Five defining words

Are silent within

Words that  have haunted the mind

Churned the stomach

And proaded against lips


Locked inside the hearts of many

Who happen to be a bit different

Scared and powerful...

Five powerful words


Fear of not being accepted creates a mask

A mask, that is comfotable and

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"Looking Back" an exerpt from my short story in the 1930s

By: Ds9freakJuly 21, 2014

 Chapter 1:

 I had just came out of the back room from washing glasses, I was so behind, I had two other tables to clean, and I should have been done thirty minutes ago. Jovey the manager always liked to close up at the same time

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On GIF Lists and Books

By: GallagherGirl11July 12, 2014

Recently I was scrolling through my Twitter feed and came upon a retweet from Twitter extraordinaire Maureen Johnson (author of books such as The Name of the Star and 13 Little Blue Envelopes). It was an article published by Elite Daily titled “Why Readers, Scientifically,

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How To Get Sherlock Rabies

By: CosetteHolmesOfArendelleJuly 11, 2014

A common complaint on the OT is that BBC's Sherlock is a wonderful show, but the fandom is too rabid. Well I say that you can't judge something before you experience it, so we are going to give all of you with Sherlock fever a

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Fools in August

By: soccer2rules<333July 11, 2014

A time will come in late August,

Several years from where I am now,

A brisk breeze will blow,

A mist the summer glow,


Hand in hand I will walk

With my other half under the stars,

Feeling like the only people in the world,

We will dance and I shall twirl,



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Beautiful handwriting... a forgotten art?

By: Ds9freakJuly 11, 2014

Handwriting. A definition that has noticibly changed from the Jane Austen era (and before) to now. During her era, handwriting was everything. It quickly determined if you were educated or not, it determined the social class you were in, and it even determined what gender

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Blogging Doctor Who: Bad Wolf

By: FurnunculusJuly 10, 2014

Hello and welcome to the third part of Blogging Doctor Who. This episode, Bad Wolf, was requested by CeciliaCordelia aka Cece. Enjoy!

  1. What the..?
  2. What house? Like a reality show?
  3. I KNEW IT!
  4. This seems like a futuristic version of the 80's.
  5. Oh, there's Rose.
  7. Where
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