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Stop discrimination against students with colored hair

By: OswinOswald98February 4, 2015


Stop discrimination against students with colored hair


By having an overly strict dress code, the McCutcheon High School (Lafayette IN) administration is suppressing individuality,

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One Year, (not) 100 Books - January

By: clarinets-are-awesomeJanuary 31, 2015
Inspired by Lonks the Writer's 2011-2012 “One Year, 100 Books” series, also on Sparklife. I was planning to go for 100 in a year as well, until Count of Monte Cristo and homework convinced me to maintain a semblance of sanity instead. So the new,... More  →

What I Learned My First Semester of College

By: Wendelin_the_WeirdJanuary 16, 2015

Well, Sparklers, I made it. One eight of the way done with college, and five months closer to being thrust into the Real World, in which I will be expected to commute to work, wear suits, pay bills, and other Adult Stuff.  For now, though,

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The Best Advice I Ever Recieved

By: OswinOswald98September 18, 2014

I did not create this nor do I know who did, However it is the best Advice I ever Recieved from anyone. 



Ladies and gentlemen of the class of ’97:

Wear sunscreen.

If I could offer you only one tip for the future, sunscreen would be it. The

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I've Got a Dream! (in addition to my other vile, nefarious and revolting plots)

By: jedialonzaSeptember 14, 2014
This is a Jedialonza Production, all rights reserved. No villains, anti-heroes or fictional characters of any sort were harmed in the making of this script. I do not own “I’ve Got a Dream” or “Tangled”, but if you have never seen it (shame on you!),... More  →

Makeup Tips for Glasses

By: Wendelin_the_WeirdJuly 5, 2014

I have, admittedly, (and for most people who know me) unexpectedly read Seventeen every month for probably the past 6 years. I’m not praising the magazine’s content by any means, but I will say that I have picked up enough tips over the years to

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NBK O&P: What is Romance, Anyway? (NBK goes on summer hiatus)

By: Winter_MoonlightMay 31, 2014

            I made some squee-worthy progress with Sansa this week. I bought her lunch and got her phone number.  However, it turns out that she'll be out of the country without internet or phone service all summer, so there really isn't

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I'm Sorry

By: WritingFireMay 6, 2014


I'm sorry.

I'm sorry that my grades aren't perfect.

I'm sorry I'm scatterbrained.

I'm sorry I'm emotional.

I'm sorry I'm not as good as my big sister.

I'm sorry I cry.



I'm sorry.

I'm sorry my grades are slipping.

I'm sorry that I read before I finish all twenty pages of busywork.

I'm sorry

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