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By as396

Something I Can't Live Without - theSkimm!

By: as396November 9, 2014

Here's a quick spiel about me: I'm a Sherlock fangirl. I eat, sleep, and breathe physics at the moment. I use en-dashes - see what I did there? - parentheses, and Oxford commas a lot (no shame!). And there are a few things I can't

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Holy Crap. The Sequel for "Five Nights at Freddy's" is Coming!

By: FoxfaceSokolovNovember 4, 2014

Hello there, fellow gamer Sparklers! Many of you are familiar with the latest indie horror game that has gained popularity, Five Night's at

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Open Letter: Here! Have a friend!

By: Apples789October 30, 2014

I wanted to write something to those of you who may struggle with... well anything really. I wrote most of this with a specific friend of mine in mind, and it really shows, but I think a lot of people would really appreciate hearing this,

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Five Greatest Sexy Halloween Costumes

By: possibly_troodonOctober 28, 2014

Well, the eve of All Hallows is just a few days away, and we all know what that means. That's right, folks- SEXY HALLOWEEN COSTUMES. If you still don't know what to be, maybe you should consider one of these.

Sexy Dragon- Because nothing says "attractive"

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Your Sorcerer’s Staff: A Poem From Merlin to Arthur

By: AutumnMooncakesOctober 27, 2014

I am more than

Your saddlebag,

Your target.

I am more than

The cloth for your floor,

The tray for your food.


I am

Your crutch when you fall in battle,

Your driftwood when you fall in water.

I am

The medicine for your ills,

The salve for your wounds.

I am

The shield you never knew you

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My How to-be pretty

By: soccer2rules<333October 27, 2014
I caught myself wondering “how can I be pretty,”

I never thought “oh I can be just me”

I kept questioning who was the enemy?

The reason why I’m not beautiful,

How could everyone be so truthful?

Looking into the mirror day after day,

Wishing for my appearance to go away,


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Just One Person

By: AutumnMooncakesOctober 26, 2014

Broken, I have wandered from region to region, always searching for something I could not find. My mind was weary with images of smoke, swords, corpses.

I was the sole survivor of a war that had annihilated my people.

I told few about my past. Those who

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Playlist of Thrilling Electronic Music

By: AutumnMooncakesOctober 24, 2014

‘Architects of Life’ by Ivan Torrent – One of my favorites. Starts out with a fairly gentle chorus, but then turns into a high-speed, action-filled piece.

‘Untouchable’ by Xtortion Audio

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