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10 Ways to Get Your Parents to Take You to Barnes & Noble

By: JulieFromDownTheStreetJanuary 3, 2015

If you're like me, 65% of what you got for Christmas (Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Day of the Dead) were gift cards. And if you're an obsessive-compulsive reader like me, 100% of said gift cards were of the Barnes & Noble variety. And if you're a. like

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A Day in the Life of a Summer Theater Academy Student

By: JulieFromDownTheStreetJanuary 3, 2015

For all of you who don't know me (waves hi shyly), I love to act. Yes, I mean act, as in theater and musicals and stuff. Because of this, I get to spend every summer at an overnight theater academy, learning my craft and ... More  →

The Brokenverse, Part II: The Jedi and The Sith (2)

By: Phantom__Of__The__OT__December 30, 2014

The Sith-or rather, Sithy, as the Valeyard called her, led the way out of the city, Jedi and the Doctor close behind. Fortunately, they had been spared any more Purist incidents.

When the three of them finally left the crumbling city far enough behind them, the

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The Brokenverse, Part II: The Jedi and The Sith (1)

By: Phantom__Of__The__OT__December 30, 2014

(Warning for moderate violence. All fandom references belong to their respective owners.) 


The Sith was not having a good day.

Not that the day was necessarily a bad day, she thought as she nearly got hit by a flying brick. She deflected another wave of glass and

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VaughanGirl's Phantom

By: VaughanGirlDecember 29, 2014

This is an edited collection of posts made on the December 28th Open Thread at 5:00 in the morning when no one was around. Or awake. Or both. This is based on a true story/ post- the first one- and I wrote it without any

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If I Had Ever Known

By: Perpetually363September 14, 2014

If I had known, my dear father,

that I would never hear your voice again,

I would have held on to the phone so much more tightly

If I had known that would be

the last time I ever felt your hand squeezing mine,

I wouldn't have gotten up so

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By: TheDoctor212December 22, 2013

....Oh. Good. I got your attention.

I know there has been probably already been a few posts on this, but, uh:

We know you're fighting Gary and Internet Evil, but please.


Spare a thought for the Sparkler Posts. 

There is an epic amount of Spam-much, much greater than that

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Open Letter: Little Sister

By: T4KAR4January 22, 2015
Dear Little Sis,  

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