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Blogging Doctor Who: The Parting of the Ways

By: FurnunculusJuly 22, 2014

OH MY GOD SEASON ONE FINALE. Okay, I'm done. Let's begin.

  1. How do they detect the TARDIS?
  2. Oh my god, it exploded.
  3. Disregard number 2. Force field. Impressive.
  4. Wait a minute, the Doctor can get the TARDIS around someone? Cool.
  6. Bye bye Dalek.
  7. Time War?
  8. "Is
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What's Your Song?

By: Mystique214782July 19, 2014

We all have that one song that can cheer us up when we're on edge! Or the song that we love no matter what! So my question to all you Sparklers is "What is Your Song?". What makes you love it so much?

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The Pros and Cons of being...HELLA WHITE

By: Ds9freakJuly 18, 2014

Hey everyone,

I have been thinking latly about whiteness, how there are different variations of the word WHITE and how so many people are called that. Some of us, nordic people (Blonde hair blue eyed mutants) are perfect definitions of the word. Here are some pros

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Book Review: Beauty Queens by Libba Bray

By: FurnunculusJuly 16, 2014

I know it was published in 2011, but bear with me. Beauty Queens is about what happens when a group of teen beauty queens crash-land on a deserted island. The book is satirical, with footnotes whenever a product is mentioned (such as Roland Me'sognie, a designer

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How To Get Sherlock Rabies

By: CosetteHolmesOfArendelleJuly 11, 2014

A common complaint on the OT is that BBC's Sherlock is a wonderful show, but the fandom is too rabid. Well I say that you can't judge something before you experience it, so we are going to give all of you with Sherlock fever a

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Beautiful handwriting... a forgotten art?

By: Ds9freakJuly 11, 2014

Handwriting. A definition that has noticibly changed from the Jane Austen era (and before) to now. During her era, handwriting was everything. It quickly determined if you were educated or not, it determined the social class you were in, and it even determined what gender

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SMILEYS! Courtesy of xXx_Dragon_Rider_xXx from March 27, 2012 XD

By: soccer2rules<333June 27, 2014

: evil :

: mad :

: twisted :

: sad :

: cry :

: mrgreen :

: werewolf :

: cool :

: oops :

: cry :

: grin :

: wink :

: lol :

: ! :

: P

: ?

: |

< 3

: arrow :

: shock :

: roll :

: idea :

just take out the spaces

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Funny Fortunes

By: SecretSpyReadingGirlFebruary 8, 2014

Many Chinese restaurants give people fortune cookies at the end of a meal. Unfortunately, the restaurant I go to doesn't. Some fortunes are philosophical, dumb, or funny. Here are some fortunes I gathered from the internet:

1. Stop procrastinating- starting tomorrow.

2. Agent 56, the restaurant is bugged.

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