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All's Fair in Law and War | Chapter Two: The Winged Messenger

By: Apples789June 23, 2015
Atticus trudged along towards the light of the distant village. He felt something different in the air, something he couldn't quite name. An electricity, perhaps. He couldn't stop thinking of his children long enough to consider it.


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To Be or Not To Be

By: MusicallyMeMay 31, 2015

I wrote this.... for a boy.  In middle school, actually.  He and I were.... very serious for our young age. We were actually together by the end of his first day at our school.  Everyone would comment on our instagram photos with 'omg goals' and

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What We Do In The Shadows - This Movie Sucks (In The Best Way Possible)

By: metalhead865May 16, 2015

I go for a look which I like to call "dead but delicious".

I think we can all agree that Twilight is kind of bad. There are SO many good vampire movies out there and that is not one of them. (This is only on what

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By: AutumnMooncakesMay 5, 2015

Do you hear the fairies call

From Fairy-land, from Fairy-land?

Can you see the hidden door

To Fairy-land, to Fairy-land?

Escape the dark and find the light

In Fairy-land, in Fairy-land.


Is there no pinker sky than

In Fairy-land, in Fairy-land?

Ponies fly o’er crystal streams

In Fairy-land, in Fairy-land.

Where else do sunflo’ers sing


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F in Adulting: Time Management

By: whitewingedwolfApril 30, 2015

Welcome to F in Adulting, a series that basically answers the question: I'm done with high school; now what? I'm a third-year "adult" and I still only sort of know what I'm doing, so don't sue me if my information isn't 100% correct.

The Fail: It’s

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An Open Letter to my Best Friend's Ex

By: whitewingedwolfMarch 4, 2015

Dear Darcy,

I tried to be nice. You were my friend, too. I thought we could keep it that way. but dude, you have some serious issues. Just because you have a stupid, thoughtless job where you can text all the time doesn't mean that everyone

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All's Fair in Law and War | Chapter One: A Most Magical Thing

By: Apples789February 27, 2015

Cool, gentle wind whistled through the hanging branches of a willow tree. The night was clear, the stars particularly bright. Silence reigned over the glade, in subdued respect for what was happening. A prisoner was awakening in the shelter of the willow, and he wasn't

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An Open Letter to Spammers

By: NerdyWordyBirdyDecember 22, 2013

Dear Spammers, 

STOP. PLEASE STOP. IT'S NOT FUNNY IT'S NOT COOL AND IT'S NOT NICE. Think of the people who think of this site as a second homeeh who use Sparkler Posts as a way to express themselves. You are ruining our safe haven. PLEASE STOP.

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