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NBK-Anonymous: December Meeting

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NBK-Anonymous: December Meeting

Hello my fellow sparklers and manklers! Welcome to the December meeting of NBK-Anonymous. To start off this week's discussion, I'd like to pose a question: How do you feel about your NBK (or BK) status? Are you BK and proud? NBK and proud? Either one and not so proud? Ambivalent? I'd also like to invite discussion about any current or potential romances, as I feel this would tie in nicely. 


To clarify something that I might not have been clear enough about: NBK-Anon is not ONLY for NBK'ers. The purpose of this club is not to sit on a throne of righteousness and decry all BK's. BK's are still welcome to participate, and I actually think they could give some great insight to all the NBK'ers. Please, everyone feel free to participate!


PS I picked a unicorn for the photo because... umm... unicorns are awesome. 

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