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Merry Christmas, an original Composition

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Merry Christmas, an original Composition

Here is the song/poem I promised to write today:

Merry Christmas, One and All

Merry Christmas one and all,it's winter (between spring and fall)the snow has covered house and malland the entire urban sprawl.

Children are out, playing games,building snowmen, shouting names,somehow a torch got through to James,the chrismas tree goes up in flames.

His mother scolds him with a kick"This year no presents from Saint Nick"The chance is seen by brother Rickwho steals some cookie better quick.

The halls are decked with balls and lightsThe children wait through sleepless nightsTrying to stay out of fightstill Santa comes with southbound flights

A cheer goes up on christmas daypresents, presents, every waygold and silve, steel and clay,small toy horses that can neigh.

Baby, come and dance with me,who cares about the christmas tree?love and kindness is the key,and balance if you're going to ski.

James got a hold of fire once more,throws gas and match at the housedoor,the house goes up in a fireball,MERRY CHRISTMAS, ONE AND ALL!

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