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I OFFICIALLY DECLARE. . . Fri-awards. On A Saturday. 'Cause I'm Just that Awesome

We've been mising a few, certain posts, not mentioning any names (Fri-wards, Writer's Wars you know I'm talking to you out there)

So I have come up with a genius plan:

You shall, as permited by the SparkLife Code Of Nerdtastic Awesomeness, SUMBIT the funniest comments you have read on Sparklife so far. Or the cleverest, or the nerdiest, you know, the usual Friward categories. Because I for one, cannot keep track of the amazing things you Sparklers say. So submit!

One rule: Do not submit something you wrote. Because no matter how utterly clever you are, it is not not good to hail yourself with self-righteousness.

In the name of Forgotten Posts, I declare this ON!


Your dear Emi9274  

Tags: Fri-wards

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