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How to make friends at a new school

1. Okay, this may sound cliche, but I'm serious. BE YOURSELF. You don't want to make up a personality, because it'll be hard to stick with it. Example: Ya, I write the Doctor Who scripts with my dad. Yup. WINNING. How many people will believe that? 2. Walk up to other people. Make the first move. Most will LOVE an outgoing person. Don't do this though: Example: "Hey! I see that you like talking to the opposite gender too! We have SO much in common. 3. Notice things. Say you like their shirt, or shoes. That will break the ice. If you wear uniforms, talk to them about what they would RATHER wear. Example: You wouldn't wear anything? Um, okay. . . 4. If they're humming a song that you know, talk to them about it. Example: Hey! You like Barney too? "Um, that wasn't barney. . ." 5. Don't immediately try to get into the popular group. Skirt around the people who seem to have most in common with you. Example: Hey popular people! Want me to read my report about bullying people? Do this, and you'll be set. Sure, you'll have plenty of emberassing first-day stories, but hopefully a bunch of new friends too.    

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