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How To Be An Obsessed Fangirl

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How To Be An Obsessed Fangirl

I know exactly how it feels to be totally obsessed withsomething (cough cough One Direction)

Step 1: If they ever did funny interviews, start watching those.

Step 2: Listen to their music, and if you hate it then start back at step one with another person/group.

Step 3: Buy  magazine with their face plastered on the cover... if they aren't THAT famous then check out their fan site... most of them suck though

Step 4: Then get a giant cardboard cut out. 

Step 5: Read fanfictions about them on Tumblr or Wattpad, I suggest Wattpad.

Step 6: If you aren't obsessed by now then, I have nothing to tell you because you should have been obsessed within step four.



danisnotonfire: youtuber, cult leader(bahah! no.)

jennamarbles: trend setter, story teller.... well.

glozell: the vlogger

MarcusButlerTV: OMG! He is so hot and funny and adorable.

JacksGap: The cute twin with a brit's accent.

Either you know who they are, or you are going to check them all out soon.

They are really funny.

OH! And I forgot about Ms. DRAMA QUEEN

TylerOakley: the "queen" of all things sexy.



Becoming obsessed is also a good way to get over your lonliness on Valentine's day. (If you aren't alone then lucky you)



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