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Some say dreams have to do with some mystical meaning that we are to discover. Some say they’re just our sub conscience and mean nothing and nothing but a collection of thoughts and things seen throughout the day that are jammed into a 5-20 minute dream sequence.


The coolest thing about dreams is there is actually a field of study for dreams. The study is called oneirology. It’s pretty cool.



Really cool things about dreams:

  • Deaf people tend to sign in their sleep.
  • Blind people use their senses in their sleep other than sight. If they lost their vision at an early age, then they can still see what they used to. If they’ve never had their vision, then its their other senses they use.  
  • When someone appears in your dreams it’s because that person misses you.
  • According to legend, when you can’t sleep it’s because you’re awake in someone else’s dream.
  • The human brain can’t create faces, therefore, you only dream of faces you’ve seen even if you’ve only seen that person for a split second.



Regardless to the meaning behind dreams, one thing that is certain is we all dream. Some of us--if we are lucky enough to get a nap in--dream more than once. Some of us can have lucid dreams, a dream where you get to control what happens in it. Some of us have dreams that overlap or reoccur. Some of us have a certain symbol that just appears more than once and all we can do is wonder what it means. Some of us use dream dictionaries (me).


Here’s a crazy dream I have had (which is inspired by the song “Holding Onto You” by Twenty One Pilots). Last night I dreamt I was at a zombie party (humans dressed as zombies) and at this certain hour people just began chopping each other’s arms off. No, it wasn’t gory or gross or anything *whew*. Luckily, I stayed in the closet and then I escaped with both arms. Crazy, right?


No matter the dream, tell me what is the most puzzling one you’ve ever had or had this year. Or just a dream that really stuck out to you. (And please censor yourselves. No HND or Diy HND dreams please!)


For more on dreams here’s Vsauce’s take on the subject:


Keep calm and dream on guys!!

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