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Bucket List

Do I have a bucket list? HA!

Hello, Sparkalator, lovely weather we’re having.

Well, quite a question came from a person who shall remail nameless and it went something like this:

“Hey so like i was just wondderin if you have a bucket list cuz there really interesting.”

Despite the incorrect version of they’re, I completely agree with said question asker. Interesting is a good word for a bucket list. I thought,

“Hey, don’t I want to write about interesting things?” And then my path became clear.

Bucket list

Ultimate List to Conquer Before I Turn Old

1. Try Everything at Starbucks.

2. Learn how to juggle.

3. Play hide and seek in IKEA.

4. Road trip with friends.

5. Throw a surprise party.

6. Put something mysterious on someone’s doorstep. (Opened can of Spray Cheese)

7. Have a classic Disney movie marathon.

8. Sky Dive (When I turn 1.

9. Carve something weird and unexpected into a tree.

10. Run into a store and ask what year it is and then scream, “IT WORKED!” Run out cheering.

11. Write a note to a random address and wait for a response.

12. Finish an entire eraser.

13. Wear a shirt that says Life. Hand out lemons.

14. Participate in a flash mob.

15. Go into a crowded elevator and say, “I bet you’re all wondering why I gathered you here today.”

16. Change my Facebook page to No One. Like statuses.

17. Spin a top in a store as soon as someone walks down the aisle.

18. Learn Sign Language.

19. Volunteer at a Children’s Hospital and make someone’s day better.

20. Tell at least 10 people about my Ultimate List to Conquer Before I Turn Old and encourage them to do the same.

What’s on your Bucket List?

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