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Brofriend or Boyfriend?

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Brofriend or Boyfriend?

 I have a question open to everyone's two cents. This seemed to be the place to ask it.


How do you know if the feelings you have for someone are real or just a crush?

Here's my problemo: I've been friends with this dude for about two years. I have other guy friends, but my relationship with this particular one is...hmm...different. We talk about more intimate things, exchange pretty crude, sexist comments, we mega flirt a ton, but it all seems just a big joke. We just get each other.


Now for the scary part. I was reading some Dear whatever article where a girl who had a similar problem asked a similar question. (No, it wasn't me. I SWEAR.) The person dishing out advice said that it probably was true love, and not a crush, and she didn't know it because she'd never experienced it before.


So maybe I'm in love. That's fine. But I have another problem.


We've pretty much spent our whole friendship warding off haters and telling people that we don't like each other, blah blah blah... but if I am in love, I want to know how he feels, I want to tell him, because we're friends and we talk about our lives to each other. But then I feel like if it were to be made public, we would fall into the verbal meat grinders of our peers and parents, and our new white noise would become “I told you so”. That would be pretty horrible.


So I guess I have two questions:

  1. Am I in love, or is it just a crush?

     2. If I am, should I tell him, should I keep it a secret? Is it worth it?


Thanks a millions, I'll keep you posted if you give advice.

Metallic Rose


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