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Hey there, Sparklers, Manklers, Spurklers, Butts, and everyone else! (Did I forget anyone?) Welcome to another horribly belated installment of Blogging YouTube. I've already told you about Jack Douglass and...that's it. (Geez. I need to write more frequently.) ANYWAY, this time, I'll be telling you about an incredibly nerdy YouTuber who you might've heard about. His name: Harry Callaghan. His channel: Harry101uk.

Harry Callaghan is an incredibly talented YouTuber with a charming, Stephen Merchant-esque British accent. He's a film student who's more than meets the eye; Callaghan trained himself in 3D animation and is a very skilled musician.

He rose to fame after the release of "This is Aperture,"Portal-themed music video that clocks in at about 3.5 million hits as of the release of this article. The song is a parody of the famous Nightmare Before Christmas song, "This is Halloween." I've listened to it so many times that I can't think of Nightmare Before Christmas without singing, "Cores and turrets of every stage, wouldn't you like to escape this cage? Come to us, and you'll be sure you're not safe in Aperture. THIS IS APERTURE. THIS IS APERTURE. Test subjects die once they're in sight. THIS IS APERTURE! EVERYBODY HIT--."

Oh, wait. I did it again, didn't I?

Harry Callaghan has also released several other Portal-themed songs, all of which have become incredibly popular amongst fans of the game. They are "The Wheatley Song" (a parody of "The Oogie Boogie Song" from, you guessed it, Nightmare Before Christmas), "If I Were a Core" (a parody of "If I Were a Boy" by Beyoncé, and "GLaDOS is to Blame" (a parody of "The Flood" by Kate Melua, which is actually a really great song to begin with).

He also has another parody planned; its name is "Making Science," and it's a parody of "Making Christmas" from Nightmare Before Christmas (yes, he's a huge fan of the film). While the backing track for the song has been posted on Callaghan's YouTube page, the full song has yet to be released.

Harry's also got some mad animation skills. Although he usually uses a professional animation program to create Portal-themed shorts (like "Meet the Cores," which is based off of a series of Team Fortress 2 shorts released by The Valve Corporation), he has been experimenting with the newly-released software, Source Filmmaker (which I can't get because I have a Mac...dammit).

AND YOU WANT TO KNOW WHAT THE BEST PART ABOUT HIM IS (BESIDES HIS CUTENESS)? He's an incredible voice actor. Like I said at the beginning of this article, Harry Callaghan sounds almost EXACTLY like Stephen Merchant, who is not only the voice of Wheatley in Portal 2, but also the co-creator of the original The Office. (He's also Ricky Gervais' right-hand man, but Stephen Merchant, in my opinion, is so much more awesome.) Callaghan's also great at impersonating other characters from the Portal franchise, including the turrets, GLaDOS, and Space Core.

So, pull up a chair, eat some cake (assuming it's not a lie, of course), and watch some of his wonderful videos!

Have any suggestions for what I should do next? Leave them in the comments below!

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