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Gay Marriage

By: thatweirdfangirlMay 4, 2018

I wrote this for a class but I think it contains some pretty good information. Enjoy!

One of the most highly debated topics of this time is “Should same-sex marriage be legal?” and there are firm believers on each side. In the U.S. gay marriage

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25 Questions For Your Character

By: thatweirdfangirlApril 23, 2018

These are 25 questions to ask your character! Usually I fill this out if I'm having trouble with a character when writing. I hope it helps you!

  • What would completely break your character?

  • What is the happiest or a very happy memory in

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Writing passages

By: thatweirdfangirlApril 6, 2018

Just a couple short creative writing passages I wrote. I hope you enjoy!


A sharp wind cuts through the dark winter night. It twists and curls itself through each brown sprig of grass, weaving itself through the vegetation. If you were to even slip outside

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