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Meal Planning: A Short Week (Week 3)

By: smile-moreJuly 15, 2018

Hello everyone!


Another week, another meal plan! This week I have a bit of a short weekly meal plan due to some upcoming travel but the meal planning must go on!


My totals for the week:


Total for the month so far: 67.44 (22.56 under budget!)



Grocery items:

  • Chicken Thighs
  • Cereal
  • Ground
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Meal Planning
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Meal Planning: Eat down the freezer! (Week 2)

By: smile-moreJuly 7, 2018

Hello everyone!


Welcome back to another week of meal plans! This week the theme is to eat down the freezer a bit to make some room in my fairly small freezer.

As usual my spending goal is under 30 dollars a week. Last week I went 4.50

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Welcome to Meal Planning! (Week 1)

By: smile-moreJuly 1, 2018

Hello everyone!


I am finally starting a meal plan sparkler post series! Hopefully this series will help you start thinking about meal planning and will give you some strategies to cut down your current grocery bill. 

Each week I will post my shopping list, my grocery totals,

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