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On Caring, Really Caring

By screamingilysoJune 2, 2014
Let me begin by saying that I know what you, dearest Sparklers, will do with this post. You'll read through it once, nod approvingly to yourself, heart it or post a comment complimenting my writing style, and go back to your everyday lives with all... More  →

On Differences of Opinion and Potential Sparkwars

By screamingilysoMay 22, 2014
A response to the May 11 OT: I keep seeing the issue of self-censorship arise on the OT. People feel that because certain opinions they hold differ from those held by the majority, they are unwelcome or even being personally attacked. No one is forced to stay,... More  →
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By: screamingilysoApril 28, 2014


Prompt :write abotu a girl nmed mary sue whose specul!1 (AN: nd make it sexi (;

da best sotry wins goffik fangz nd da prase of saten! 


heres insipration form da best writerz eva:

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Frankenstein Creature Created in Lab

By: screamingilysoApril 1, 2014

Ever since Mary Shelley published Frankenstein in 1818, arguably misguided scientists have been searching for ways to make the plot of the book a scientific reality. Yesterday, March 31st, 2014, a group of biologists in Elbonia managed to create the first living Frankenstein's

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Who are the 663?

By: screamingilysoMarch 11, 2014

I've been seeing a lot of comments from brand new accounts, all of which are tagged with "663" or "564b". Many of the comments include a note about being assigned to comment on an article. Is this true? These comments are written in different voices,

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A Message to the OT

By: screamingilysoMarch 7, 2014

(Originally posted on the 3.7 OT)

Listen, I need to talk about the lingering stench of catfish.

As much as I wish this could be like a detective show on TV where the evidence is collected, the suspect is charged and that's it, life isn't really like

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Open Thread for February 19

By: screamingilysoFebruary 19, 2014

Since the real one is gone.

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open threads
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Open Thread for October 18

By: screamingilysoOctober 18, 2013

I don't even know.

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