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Organisational Tools: GYGFTS 1

By: RubesCubesJune 3, 2017

Hello Sparklers! A quick note about this article. GYGFTS (Get Yourself Great For The Summer) will be a series that I'll be keeping up throughout the summer. It will include organisational tips, how to be productive in the summer, how to learn so you're ahead when you

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harry potter
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Philosopher vs Sorcerer: The Potterheads' Debate

By: RubesCubesJune 2, 2017

First things first, to keep people updated. TPD (The Potterheads' Debate) will be an ongoing series. It should be posted every Saturday, and if not, angrily message me because I will have probably procrastinated until I didn't have it on time.

TPD will essentially be a

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The Western World's Greatest Philosophers, In A Sentence

By: RubesCubesJune 1, 2017

1) Socrates

But why?


2) Plato

There's a perfect world made up of forces (not that type of force - LIGHTSABER AWAY!)


3) Aristotle

Don't be too rich, don't be too poor, and only believe in what you can see (he would have hated credit cards).


4) Nietzche

You killed God. Yes,

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