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Guardian [Part 1.2]

By: Nacanaca12December 31, 2017
The following is a piece of fanfiction for the show Doctor Who. Yes, it's still here after four years: I just keep forgetting to update it. A lot.

There are currently 13 chapters divided into two parts. When they will be posted, only the stars... More  →

It's back!
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Guardian [Part 1.1]

By: Nacanaca12January 23, 2017
The following work is a piece of fanfiction for the show Doctor Who. It is a revised version of Daleks, the story I started here four years ago. Hopefully, this version will age more gracefully. 


Chapter 1: Duck & Cover

The sky was clear one

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Daleks Part 15 (8)

By: Nacanaca12April 8, 2015

1, 2, 3, 4, I declare a Time War. Now with death, daleks, and other things that I can't alliterate. Welcome to Daleks, a fanfic that's over 45000 words long! Bet you didn't sign up for that.

I'm way behind on this, so this is

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Daleks Part 15 (7)

By: Nacanaca12February 28, 2015

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New to the story? Here's a summary.

When the Daleks first attacked Gallifrey, three

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Daleks Part 15 (5)

By: Nacanaca12December 30, 2014

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Location: Ship 5, Level 1

Time: Slot

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Grad Party 2014 Sign-in Sheet

By Nacanaca12July 13, 2014
Were you at the grad party? Are you still there? Awesome! Follow the directions in the comments below so we can have something to remember it by! Because the party lives on in our hearts, and this sign-in sheet. ... More  →

Daleks Part 15 (4)

By: Nacanaca12May 24, 2014

Author's Note: I may or may not be terribly behind on this. Hopefully I'll get up to the parts I've already written soon...

This chapter is going to be more of a collection of small parts, so please bear with me as I try to get

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