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By Emi9274

I OFFICIALLY DECLARE. . . Fri-awards. On A Saturday. 'Cause I'm Just that Awesome

By: Emi9274November 24, 2012

We've been mising a few, certain posts, not mentioning any names (Fri-wards, Writer's Wars you know I'm talking to you out there)

So I have come up with a genius plan:

You shall, as permited by the SparkLife Code Of Nerdtastic Awesomeness, SUMBIT the funniest comments you

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By Emi9274

Getting over an Ex

By: Emi9274October 14, 2012
Oh gosh. This one's hard. Okay, I need you to sit back and think hard. If you don't have a new boyfriend, you know that you constantly think about the one you broke up with. You wonder if it was the right choice, you wonder... More  →
By Emi9274

The Eye of the Storm

By: Emi9274October 14, 2012
Hey Sparklebutts! (Wow I just did a ChelseaD. Let me just back away. . .  I'm not worthy of this fame ) I have a piece I wrote a long time ago, and I'm thinking about turning it in to my writing class for a project. Can... More  →
By Emi9274

How to make friends at a new school

By: Emi9274October 13, 2012
1. Okay, this may sound cliche, but I'm serious. BE YOURSELF. You don't want to make up a personality, because it'll be hard to stick with it. Example: Ya, I write the Doctor Who scripts with my dad. Yup. WINNING. How many people will believe that? 2. Walk up... More  →