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Sparklers Posts by ElmoLuvsU

Just One Word

By: ElmoLuvsUApril 15, 2013

"Too many writers with writer's block. Too many creative people without an outlet or a community" (OneWord).

Well, this is why we are all here on Sparknotes, right? We join to not only meet new people and read interesting posts, but to also write our own.

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Playing Games on the OT

By: ElmoLuvsUApril 1, 2013

JMK wanted apples, so here they are!

Right. So, on the OT of Saturday, March 31st, fellow Sparklers and I aimed to get the OT to 1000, so we set off: spamming the OT with song lyrics, random facts, and a game. What game, you ask?


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Who Are You Really Texting?

By: ElmoLuvsUMarch 2, 2013

It happens to everyone (or maybe it's just me). You are happily texting your friend when you say something weird, and it turns out that the person you have been texting is not your friend, but some random stranger. 

A few days ago, this happened to

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Did You Know...? P. II

By: ElmoLuvsUJanuary 5, 2013

Hey guys! You're all probably wondering what a giant purple turtle has to do with anything. Well, idk... Kenworld1 wanted purple turtles, so here's to you Kenny! Ready? Ok, good because here's part 2:


Fun Facts!

  • Any month that begins with a Sunday will have
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Teen Commandments... Wait, what?!

By ElmoLuvsUJanuary 16, 2013

I found these online, and I thought they were hilarious. :]

Read at your own risk:


Thou shall not sneak out while parents are sleeping. (why wait that long) Thou shall not do drugs. (alcohol lasts longer, not to mention being cheaper) Thou shall not steal from K-Mart. (Walmart... More  →

Did You Know...?

By ElmoLuvsUJanuary 4, 2013

Hello out there! I was cleaning up my bookshelf, and I found some papers with a bunch of random thing-a-ma-bobbers and facts on them--both science-y and funny. They even have jokes on them! I thought to myself, "Hmm... I should share these with my fellow

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Black Thanksgiving

By: ElmoLuvsUNovember 23, 2012

First off, let me start by saying that this is my first Sparkler post. Yay. Ok, onward with the post.

Now I know you are all wondering why it's called "Black Thanksgiving". Basically I spent my Thanksgiving not at home. My mom and I went out

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