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By Dylanut

Saints Ch. 5

By: DylanutMay 30, 2018
High key abuse tw


They woke up to screaming. Achilles opened his eyes and shot up, noticing Hosea was already awake and wiping the sleep from his eyes. He looked in the direction of the sound, slowly, hesitant to confirm what he already knew

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By Dylanut

Saints Ch. 4

By: DylanutMay 24, 2018
Chapter Four


Hosea was the first to break away. After a moment’s hesitation, he backed up slightly. “Are you sure about this, Achilles?”


Achilles nodded, kissing Hosea again who no longer seemed to pull away. Instead he leaned into the kiss and wrapped an arm

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By Dylanut

Saints Ch. 3

By: DylanutMay 17, 2018
Abuse tw 


Chapter 3


Achilles slept in the Fortress that night, waiting for Hosea to come back. For the first few hours, he couldn't sleep, wondering where he went and if he'd even come back. Achilles knew it wasn't his fault, wasn't even

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By Dylanut
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Saints Ch. 2

By: DylanutMay 13, 2018
Suicide tw


Chapter Two

The three had taken it upon themselves to take care of this stranger. When Achilles was done with school, instead of going home to do his homework, Diana and he would go and take food to Hosea. His body, for

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By Dylanut
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Saints Ch. 1

By: DylanutMay 13, 2018

Okay this really sucks heads up I am rusty AF with writing. Thank you doc for pressuring me into doing this. 


Chapter One


Achilles sighed, once again searching the room for a hidden clock. The pastor had been droning on for what felt like

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By Dylanut

F*** Perfection

By: DylanutMay 12, 2018
My life is a whirlwind

With me at the center

I'm crazy enough

I might let you enter

I'm insecure

And hella depressed

An ‘emo cutter’

And you know the rest

I've chased perfection

Over half my life

Only to realise

Its not

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By Dylanut

The Ugly

By: DylanutApril 30, 2018
At first, it started out small

They didn't water their plants

Or open the blinds

But as it for got worse, they forgot other things

Forgot to eat and to sleep

They didn't get up in the morning or go to work at night

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