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10 Literary Characters I Can’t Help But Love!

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10 Literary Characters I Can’t Help But Love!

So I am hoping you have all read my Hated characters before my loved ones. If not, go and find the post!

Anyway, there are always characters in books you love. It doesn’t even have to be a main character, just one in the side-lines that captures your heart. Hey, they don’t even have to be ‘good’ characters. Here are mine-

10)Count Olaf (Series of Unfortunate Events)- Starting off with a strange one.  How can you not love this man?! He spends 13 books trying to steal money from people, and is always stopped by three children. He is so stupid, but so ridiculously funny, you have to love him.

9) Draco Malfoy (Harry Potter) – A lot of my friends can’t stand Draco, and I can see why, but I cannot help but love him. Here is a boy that never had a choice. From the moment he was born, his future was written from him, by a family following Voldemort. Everyone expected him to join the Death Eaters too- and he never got the chance to say no. I first started loving him in the Half Blood Prince, because you suddenly realise that actually, he isn’t the stuck up boy you thought he was in the first few books (cue quote. “My Father will hear about this!&rdquo. He was ordered to kill Dumbledore by The Dark Lord to restore Voldemort’s trust in his family. But he didn’t want to do it- He couldn’t kill the old man, even when there was nothing really stopping him. Not the only thing Malfoy didn’t do. When the Trio got caught, he could have told his aunt who Harry was, but he didn’t.There is a lot more to his character than you realise, and I’ve always found it sad that it was the way he grew up.

8 ) Addie (The Two Princesses of Bamarre)- This will always be one of my favourite children’s books. Although I will admit now, I still cry when I read the end. Addie’s development though the book is great. At the start, she is afraid of a lot of things, and shy. Despite this, when her sister becomes ill with ‘The Grey Death,’ she realizes she has to save her, and goes on a quest for the cure. She over comes her fear of spiders, she kills a dragon; she does everything she can to save her sister. Now that is what I call sisterly love, and that’s why I love her.

7) Abel (The Storyteller)- If you haven’t read this book, do. And if you have, and you are staring at me like I am mad for loving Abel, stop! How can you not love him? This is a character with a really bad past, and with a slightly messed up present, but that is part of why I love him. Everything he does, he does to look after his little sister. He wasn’t evil; he was just desperate to keep her safe. Seriously, this is one of my favourite books, but I can’t actually read it because it breaks my heart.

6) Akkarin (The High Lord)- Throughout the last book of the Black Magician trilogy, you learn a lot about this character, and start seeing him from a different point of view to the previous two books. Yeah, I know its intentional, and I fell for it. I have to love him. Everyone in the book thinks he is a traitor, because they don’t understand what he did- and even when all the people he knows hate him, he still fights for them. He never gives up.

5) Isabel (Shiver)- She is so sarcastic, if funny. And she is hardcore. How many people would steal infected blood, break into a lab with a wolf and not be scared? But that’s not the only side of her, she cares about other people, even if she doesn’t show it.

4) Four (Divergent) – This guy is epic. He can throw knives, shoot a gun, and only has four fears. It may not be true bravery, but still, he’s brilliant. He has a messed up past, which can- and does- affect him in the present, but he’s still really sweet. And he doesn’t treat Tris like a weak girl, but he proves that he actually needs her, in his fear room, and later on in the book. If he were real, I would hunt him down and marry him. Just saying.

3) Celaena (Throne of Glass)-  I don’t know why I love this character. I think it’s because of all the hardships she has been through before the age of 19. Brought up to be an assassin, captured, injured, hated, feared, she just takes everything on board. She doesn’t even truly hate the people who locked her away, she just accepts it. You learn about other people with the same fate as her, they barely last a month, but she lasted a year locked away, and survived with her sanity. Strong willed- and a female.

2) The Weasley Twins (Harry Potter) – ok, These are actually two characters, but I love them both equally. They are the light in the dark of the books, when I read them, these are the two characters I look forwards to reading about. They make me laugh, smile, they remind me to care about my own siblings…because you never know how long they are there for. On that note, WHY, JK, WHY? You broke my heart. Fred. That is all I can say. Fred.

1) Bellatrix Lestrange (Harry Potter) – Ok, now I’m sure I’m getting weird looks. I’m not mad, honest. I just love Bellatrix. (I will point out that my dog is names after her&hellip She is a brilliantly made character, and even though she is a baddy, she is the ultimate baddy. Even better than Voldemort.  She has no issues about killing, and that is her downfall. She is insane. But still, there is something about her that I love.

That was actually a lot harder to write than my hated characters. You know why you hate characters, but you have to look deeper to understand why some capture your heart and mind while others don’t.

Anyone think I’ve got any wrong?

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